Man on TV: When you have Mentos on a Diet Coke. This film may win a Guinness World Record for Most Songs in a Movie. Get 'em you idiots! He sure will. What would Littlefoot and the gang do? ), Boris Lang: Goodbye, dinos. Go, go, go! Like all the other Land Before Time movies, it is traditionally animated. Curious George makes a cameo appearence in a Zoo. Years later, Littlefoot is shown playing with a "Three-Horn" dinosaur named Cera, who was trying to smash a beetle until her father steps in. Ali: Littlefoot? After Littlefoot starts to take a nap on his mother's back, Littlefoot's father, Bron, returns to his mate and sees his son for the first time. Rocky Scout: Go to Jersey, you stupid head! Littlefoot: I think he's out with Thicknose. (open his wings) I'm coming, Petrie! This is the first film that has Spike talking for the first time. The Land Before Time is the American animated series produced by Universal Animation Studios and Amblin Entertainment. Ichy and Dil are seen piano dueling in the scene where Littlefoot, his friends, Rocky and Garfield visit a restaurant called TBA. Boris Lang: Guys, these are my reasons of Litttlefoot. Ali: I want you two to get these humans three Cheeseburgers, large fries, and two Sprites. With their mission to capture the Golden Longneck completed, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper and Ruby are honored as heroes of the Great Valley by Littlefoot's grandfather. Hyp: Is this about that stupid bullying thing? I'll die to know it! When the book is stolen by the Great Valley's terrorist by the name of Emily, Littlefoot teams up with Cera, Petrie, Spike, Ducky, Chomper and Ruby to find the Golden Longneck and retrieve the book before Emily (whom Petrie's uncle, Pterano, works for) destroys it. (punches one of Boris Lang's men) Ha! Oct 30, 2022 - Daylight Saving Time Ends. You're the reason why I've left my friends after getting into fights, but then I reunited them. And it better be those Dino-idiots. Shorty: AAAHHH!!! Go back in time with Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Ducky and Petrie – a group of very different young dinosaurs who find themselves thrown together when the world around them quickly changes. (punches Boris Lang in the face) How that feel, cyborg? Littlefoot: I know! ), Meghan Strange as Ruby/Petrie's Mother/Ducky & Spike's Mother/Ali's Mother/Tricia, Gilbert Gottfried as Austin the Archaeopteryx, Christian Slater and Cheryl Hines as Chomper's Parents, T-rex roar from Jurassic Park series, Ron Perlman as Spiner has a roar from Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park 3, Nancy Cartwright & Sandy Fox as Dinah and Dana, Jason O'Mara as Nick, Chomper's Father's brother and Chomper's uncle, Anna Paquin and Ashley Rose Orr as Rocky and Dusty, Stephen Merchant as Pterano, Petrie's uncle. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [Voice Breaking] LITTLEFOOT!! From Steven Spielberg and George Lucas comes the animated classic that started a global phenomenon. Meanwhile, evil Crime Lord named Boris Lang who's threatening to take over New York along with Ozzy, Strut, Rinkus and Sierra. You made this disturbance." A Lucasfilm Ltd. Company, Marin County, California. Pterano uses the Golden Longneck’s powers to make a rainbow. Now me, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Ali, Guido, Hyp, Mutt and Nod are gonna look for Rocky. Cliff Mars: (slaps Rocky back) PIZZA-HEAD!! He soon turns his attention to the evening sky, as if he could feel his spirit watching over him and he looks right toward the stars and smiles tearfully. Me no wait to show this to me siblings and momma back home! Judith Barsi as Ducky Michael Giacchino was hired to compose the score for the movie with Michael Tavera. Are you trying to get yourself killed!? The Land Before Time XV: Legend of the Golden Longneck is an upcoming direct-to-video animated musical adventure feature and the fifteenth film in The Land Before Time series.. The Land Before Time III: The Time of The Great Giving. Calendars – online and print friendly – for any year and month (Shorty kicks Squid Keaton and Squid crashes into newspaper stands). He and the gang ends up getting adopted by Rocky and Garfield in the end. Directed by Roy Allen Smith. Coming 2022. The Land Before Time is a 1988 American animated film directed by Don Bluth (with production based around his Ireland-based studio), and executive produced by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. I'm going with Melanie! Littlefoot: Take these humans to McDonald's, in the boarder of Manhattan to Brooklyn. This marks the first time Don Bluth returns to movie-making since Titan A.E (2000). Eric Thompson Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Cera: Oh, like a little creature I'm afraid. Austin framed Cliff and his gang. You fix the plane, I'll fly. sung by Rocky, Littlefoot and the gang. Hyp: I knew I should've given you that tree star. Boris Lang: And on my way out, I'm gonna blow up New York City! Meanwhile, Littlefoot sneaks out of his home with the map. Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes makes a cameo appearence during the beginning of opening credits while traditional animated in a live action world. With the running time of 106 minutes, this is considered the longest. I live here on modern day and my name is Rocky. Ozzy, Sturt, Rinkus and Sierra ask Boris's henchmen kidnapped Littlefoot and his friends. In the post-credits scene, Pterano and Emily talk to each other about Littlefoot’s quest for the Golden Longneck statue. Pterano: And Boris is after the Evil Projector. The treasure is a book about the Golden Longneck. Guido: Are we're nearly at Boris Lang's lair? The Evil Projector is similar the the Phantom Zone Projector. Ali: (trying to get to Chomper) Hold on, Chomper! Tiger is wearing a dinosaur costume. (Ducky and Guido nods sadly, tears stream down their cheeks. 99 to rent. They gotta be here! Littlefoot finds the Golden Longneck in the corner. First Date by Blink 182 (Rocky and the Gang of 14 Learns to make TBA and end credits), Real World by Matchbox 20 (Rex's Pizza jukebox music on), The Candy Man by Sammy Jr. (When Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Ali and Guido get tranquilized by Boris Lang and his henchmen and they hallucinate. The scene then moves onto Littlefoot's family (his mom and grandparents) and Littlefoot's hatching from his egg. Grandpa Longneck, Grandma Longneck, Mr. Threehorn, and Guido look for Littlefoot and his friends. They soon turns to everyone and shares their sadness through song. Littlefoot: Yeah. Oct 30, 2022 - Daylight Saving Time Ends. (Rocky runs back to his apartment feeling very angry and smashes a table and lifts chairs. (runs). You're on a time-out! Littlefoot: What are you three doing here?! Chomper: Come on, guys. (Bron bends his neck down to the gap. At Universal Studios Florida, there will be a quick-service restruant based off Rex's Pizza and a LBT Big City attraction replacing Revenge of the Mummy. At the beginning, the Narrator introduces the Great Valley and tells the legend of it's statue called the Golden Longneck, which makes the Dinosaurs in the Great Valley happy. Garfield Samsung: Alright fine, go ahead and get killed! Hyp: Yeah. Do not go out there! Littlefoot: You guys wait here while Ali and I fix the plane. Shorty: I've gotta save the Flyers and the Tinysauruses! Garfield's new girlfriend. Garfield: Darn you, Rocky! I DON'T MAKE DEALS WITH LEAF-EATERS! Don't worry about it. sung by Ozzy and Strut (this is the same song that Ichy and Dil sings in The Land Before Time: Journey Through The Mists), Bad Girls by Donna Rivers (played when Rocky, Littlefoot and the gang visit a restaurant called ??? The Land Before Time: The Big City grossed $675.8 million in the United States and Canada and $436.2 million in other territories for a worldwide gross of $1.987 billion. Rhett: Too strong, work out. I told you to stay in that plane! (The cannon explodes, sending Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Ali, Guido, Hyp, Mutt, Nod, Austin and Wild Arms flying back to Manhattan.). ), Rinkus: Where do you think you're going? Littlefoot: Guys, lets try not to fight and go on with our lives! Boris Lang: Annoyed is not the same thing! Garfield is a 23 year old man and Rocky's best friend who cooks pizzas for Rocky. She gets scared easily like Garfield. If this film gets popular, a sequel show called Adventures in The Big City will premiere on FOX, TBS, CBS, Disney XD, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Universal Kids. They didn't know we were there. A wiki database dedicated to the popular and longest-running dinosaur children's cartoon series, The Land Before Time that ANYONE can edit. Spike carries the cage on his back. Let's stop Boris Lang! Danielle Harris as Jessie Wilde, 21 year old. Let's do this! Dad, give me a boost. Rainbow Faces have a minor role in this film. Shortly after, Universal Pictures ventured to help the film with 20th Century Fox via a deal with Steven Spielberg and Don Bluth. References to We're Back! Wild Arms: Oh, no you don't! Guido: It's not fair that Rocky's not home. If they talk we were one of them, we are screwed. But can Rocky and Garfield keep the dinosaurs a secret? Now, the dinosaurs were two kinds. Bad sung by Boris Lang, Ozzy, Sierra, and Henchman. The film is to be released in Fall of 2022. The Land Before Time XV: Legend of the Golden Longneck is an upcoming direct-to-video animated musical adventure feature and the fifteenth film in The Land Before Time series. Guido: I don't think this is going so well. Austin: All right, Keith, Claire let's go find your son Chomper and we all can get the hell out of here! You in? Sunrise and sunset will be about 1 hour earlier on Oct 30, 2022 than the day before. Ducky: How many times do I have to say? Littlefoot: [Gasps] (slow-motion) CHOMPER!! Scott Weinger as Garfield Samsung. Shortly after the film's release, Warner Bros. Pictures sued Universal Pictures for claiming the company and Steven Spielberg copied ideas and assets from The Lego Batman Movie. Prime Video From $3.99 $ 3. Littlefoot: Wait a minute, hold on a second! We did it! VistaVision cameras were used with motion control technology used to accommodate the split screen photography of traditional hand-drawn 2D digital ink animation and live action. Shorty: I know. Rocky Scout (Narrator): Chomper's parents has found their son, and my new friends too, and one day, I visit. They're peaceful! They might let Chomper's parents know. Rocky's Mother (She appears one and off in the show). (Another bolt of green lightning hits the plane's right wing, causing Chomper to fall off the plane and into the Manhattan Apocalypse). This is the first film in which Ruby cries. ), (Littlefoot and Rhett pulls the plates and the Longnecks heaves and Manhattan's plates goes back together with a click), Ozzy: Forget him, Strut. Rocky is a 25 year old man who is an owner of Rex's Pizza and Melanie's love interest. Narrator: Dinosaurs were of two kinds-- Some had flat teeth and ate the leaves of trees. Some Michael Jackson songs are played in the film. From Steven Spielberg and George Lucas comes the animated classic that started a global phenomenon. Ichy (Piano Dueling): I've worked with a lot of dinosaurs, but YOU are despicable! Ali and Guido will be added to the main characters, calling it "The Gang of 9". This time, while building a hideaway in their new home of the Great Valley, Littlefoot and the gang rescue a mysterious egg from two scheming egg-nappers and make a starling surprise - and new friend - when the egg hatches. Littlefoot asks Ruby "Where's Chomper?". Littlefoot: Great! He cries three times. (takes the wheel) Hold on! (slaps Rocky in the face) Come on, dinosaurs! Every Marvel Movie and Disney+ Show Release Date Until 2022; Superman and Lois First Look; The Land Before Time. Finally, Littlefoot and his friends go to the Cove of Wonders and the still-caged Petrie says, “Cove Ho!”. She hits Pterano with her burnt tail. Cliff and his gang are ran in to a flower shop and they are all arrestred leading Cliff Mars to say "Is there a problem, officers?" Some dinosaurs have flat teeth for eating leaves and some dinosaurs has sharp teeth for eating meat and they prey on the Leaf eaters in the great circle of life between life and death. (hugs Littlefoot) You're alive! The pals go in and find the missing Golden Longneck. Universal Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox did not receive any payment or other consideration orenter into the agreement, for the depiction of alcoholic or tobacco products in this film. ), Love Me I Can Do (Rocky sent the night at Melanie's place after they date night lip kissing on the bed. You almost scared me to death! A teaser has not been released yet for TBA. Mike? (broadcast), (Littlefoot and Rhett strain as they pull and Manhattan's plates move to each other. thing. Littlefoot: Shorty, don't do it! (Pterano swoops down and catches Chomper), Pterano: Gotcha! Littlefoot: You're the reason. Universal Studios, Disney/Fox Film Coporation and The StoryTeller Distribution Co. LLC. Candy Huston as Cera 4. Rocky: Littlefoot, what are you doing out there? (The villains all exclaim in disappointment.). Here on Earth, long before humans, before the Sabertooth, the Mastodon, the Mammoth, and the Terror Bird, before mythical creatures like the Griffin, the Unicorn and the Dragon, in a modern day before the Lion, the Tiger, and the Bear. Rocky Scout: Yeah, last one to finish off wins! You're on your own now! (looks at Petrie) Petrie? Petrie: Well, what we waiting for? Then they got rid of it, and this is the only place I can try it, right here in New York. DO YOU HAVE THE DINOS OR NOT?!! Cera: Scary woodlands and forest. Industrial Light And Magic A Lucasfilm Ltd. Company, The City of New YorkASDAToys R Us (May you rest in piece)Cartoon NetworkYouTubePillsburyThe Micheal Jackson FoundationLee LewisChris BulterPhil LordChristopher Miller>Dan JonasVannesa SmithSteven SpielbergKathleen KennedyFrank Marshall, Presented in Association With DENTSU INC. And FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK, Jurassic Park Arcade is presented courtesy of Sega Enterprises. Then, an unlikely duo of New Yorkers team up with the dinosaurs to save New York from mass destruction! They call us Egg-Stealers for a reason! The trio made it to the Cove of Wonders. Boris Lang: No, it's not. Tiger from An American Tail makes a cameo appearence during the post-credits scene, while he was wearing a dinosaur costume. Although the film is rated G, Austin is considered a trash talking character because of his constant use of language. Ducky: No, I am not hungry. museum closing soon, Morning in New York City Rocky and Garfield's big day they in apartment when they pizza place Rex's Pizza opens at 11:30 for celebration grand opening in Manhattan the mayor give Rocky and Garfield an 800 million dollar bill, Rock got scissors to cut the red ribbon all customers are hungry for pizzas three arcade machines are Jurassic Park Arcade, Primal Rage and Mighty Mini Dino claw machine in sky live action to 2D animated in dinosaur world at the Great Valley Littlefoot and his friends are having fun), Who Needs You? Austin: OK, next time, Keith, me and Ed are missing! It's not our problem. Some had sharp teeth for eating meat. Please! Chomper is at a cliff. It is also currently Universal's third longest animated direct-to-video production. Those dinos don't know how to drive!!! Hyp: Let's fight! Littlefoot spots the Golden Longneck and uses it to free Ducky, Petrie, and Cera from their troubles. Littlefoot tells his grandpa that he is finding the Golden Longneck on his own in which he lets him go. Garfield: You are watching something funny! The Land Before Time is a 1988 theatrical animated film, directed by Don Bluth (with production based around his Ireland-based studio), and executive-produced by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.Originally released by Universal Studios and Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, it features anthropomorphic dinosaurs living in a somewhat fantasy-based version of prehistoric earth. The line "As for you... You've been worse. Reid Scott as Skyer, Utahraptor has Velociraptor Roar from Jurassic Park series. Littlefoot: Now, what do we do with Ozzy, Strut, Rinkus and Sierra? Please! At sunrise, Cera, Ducky, Spike, Petrie, Chomper and Ruby walk up to Littlefoot, deciding to come with him. Chomper: It's like we're in a real world. Felix Avitia as Littlefoot, the main protagonist. Moviepedia Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Well, hello. At 1:40:57, Boris Lang's henchmen snatched Ed and make a run for it to Rick's car and it's gone when they go left. Next, the pals go to the Destiny Flowers. Boris Lang: Search the apartment! Ichy: I've never worked with someone who's a Belly-Dragger! UNAUTHORIZED DUPLICATION, DISTRIBUTION OREXHIBITION MAY RESULT IN CIVIL LIABILITY AND CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. (Pterano and Etta flies away across the Manhattan Apocalypse, taking the humans. Chomper: (kicks a fire hydrant open from the top and water sprays in the air) Ow! Later at night, when Littlefoot follows a "hopper", he sees Cera and they start playing with each other until a "Sharptooth" comes and attacks them. Not anymore. Boris Lang: Let's go, guys. 1. All Rights Reserved, Animated Universal Studios Copyright © 2013 Universal Studios. Sunrise and sunset will be about 1 hour earlier on Oct 30, 2022 than the day before. Yippie-Kay-Ay! Boris Lang: You won't... You won't go home, because you can't. Read more. And be a police officer. From $14.99 to buy. Listen, dinos. On Review aggregator review aggregator and Rotten Tomatoes, The Land Before Time: The Big City has an approval rating of 100% based on 468 reveiws. Hyp: And keep 'em there until this whole attack of Manhattan is over. We need to use our necks. (Littlefoot does some dance moves, shakes his groin). Have some eggs! A Pizza Planet truck appears in the background in live action. Wild Arms: Wha...?? There's no talking dinosaurs and there's no Great Valley. Guido: Wow. Nika Futterman as Ali, Littlefoot's friend. You're right, Grandma. In 1998, they had a promotion for the Disney film Mulan, where they created a new sauce for the nuggets called Szechuan Sauce, and IT'S DELICIOUS! Chomper doesn't care for somebody everytime. But I think your boss will be happy if we have the Egg-Stealers and the Evil Flyers. Pterano is burnt and loses his ability to fly. The 2013 Universal Pictures logo uses the 2012 fanfare by Brian Tyler. So we came back to do it. We just wanna say, that we're really...really...really...really, really, really...really, really...s-s-s-s-s... [Clears Throat] sooooooooo... Petrie: But what about Boris Lang? Rocky Scout: GAH! I've gotta duck! Littlefoot: We're gonna put Manhattan back together, using our necks. Don't give up. Cera: And that case they are not helping us to get back home. Littlefoot’s friends cheer. Cliff got tranquilized in fast word), Singin' In The Rain! Next, the friends went to the Rock of Fantasy and decide to go around it. Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Ali, Guido, Hyp, Mutt, Nod, Austin and Wild Arms lower their heads and sighs). Littlefoot's mother names the different types of animals: "Three-Horns", "Spiketails," "Swimmers" and "Flyers" & explains how each of them have historically remained separated. What the heck are dinosaurs doing here, Rocky?! Filming began in New York City. (ducks down), (Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Ali, Guido, Hyp, Mutt, Nod, Austin and Wild Arms were launched by a canon to get to Jersey City, New Jersey), (the Police car explodes into another car and Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Ali, Guido, Hyp, Mutt, Nod, Austin, Wild Arms, Ed, Shorty, Big Daddy, Lizzie, Skitter, Rocky (Tinysauruses) and Dusty fights Boris Lang's henchmen that surrounded Etta and Pterano), Rocky: We're fine, Littlefoot. Cera: Come on guys, he's a Sharptooth. Yeah, right. Starring: Scott McAfee , Candace Hutson , Heather Hogan , et al. (The Gang of 14 turns away, but Rinkus blocks their path. I wanna see, rewind that! Guido: (catches Petrie on his back) Gotcha! At the end of the prolouge, the narrator explains, "Now, it's up to Littlefoot the Longneck and his friends, Cera the Threehorn, Petrie the Flyer, Ducky the Swimmer, Spike the Spiketail, Chomper the Sharptooth, and Ruby the Fast-Runner to bring back the statue and bring back happiness.". But I need the Egg-Stealers and the Evil Flyers. Although this movie was rated G in the United States, it was rated PG in Canada. Rocky: We can believe we're talking to 2 Apatoasaurs, a Tyrannosaurus, a Triceratops, a Stegosaurus, a Pteranodon, an Oviraptor a Hypsilophodon, a Nodosaurus, a Muttaburrasaurus, a Microraptor, a Nothronychus, and a Archaeopteryx. It’s about time. Move over, Hyp! Like the original movie, the narrator explains how this was a time before humans, including the various animals, were around, "in the time of the dinosaurs". New York City's not gonna blow itself up. Before the pitchforks are sharpened and the torches get lit, I want to make it very clear the J200 Series Land Cruiser is still a capable off-roader despite being a decade old. (Littlefoot, Ali and Guido ducked but Petrie and Chomper were hit and slip at the edges of the plane. Littlefoot: I got it! Rocky Scout (Narrator): The Earth. Littlefoot: OK, guys, till I get back, auto-pilot's in charge. In this film, she cries five times. From the article announcing the film's existence on Variety: "After the death of his mother, a young dinosaur sets off in search of the Great Valley, while making a variety of friends along the way and avoiding the jaws of an evil Tyrannosaurus Rex."