Arthur can meet Mary soon afterward, who tells him that her brother Jamie has been inducted into a batty cult known as the Chelonians. During the rescue attempt, Arthur takes part in the frontal assault along with Trelawny and Javier, while Charles scouts from a distance. John however refused to accept responsibility over the boy and soon left the gang. At his worst, Arthur could be extremely ruthless and completely unsympathetic to the people he hurts. He also later acquired a female horse named Boadicea whom he became fond of and became his signature mount. Nationality Dutch then leaves Arthur to deal with the last three guards as he wishes, all of whom had surrendered; their fate is therefore left to the player. Arthur and Javier reunite with Strauss and Trelawny, but the guards discover that they were the culprits and attack them. As the gang fell apart, Arthur realized that social issues were more complex than he had ever thought, and that these issues were beyond the gang’s ability to control. The two then forcibly storm the hollow and clear out all the enemies. Arthur still has unique drawings for, When playing as John in 1907, Arthur's grave is available to visit after the mission ". The bank is completely surrounded, and Agent Milton calls for them to surrender, holding Hosea hostage. Morgan became concerned about Dutch's changing personality, as Dutch insisted that the gang continue to partake in heists, promising each time that it would be the last. After boarding the train, swarms of enemies assault the gang, and although Arthur fights them off, John is shot in the left shoulder after uncoupling a burning train carriage. 786k . After meeting them, a gunfight breaks out, which results in the deaths of the O'Driscolls. After this, Dutch appears and tells him that John had died, leaving Arthur saddened. Arthur and Sadie then engage the assailants in a bloody gunfight in which they are victorious. The gang's ledger serves as ample testimony to Arthur’s resourcefulness, as he can prove able and willing to produce far greater quantities of money, food, medicine, herbs, pelts, stolen items, contraband, and other goods for the gang than all other gang members combined. I believe hes around 35-37 based on conversation had between him John and Hosea. Afterward, Arthur rides to Downes Ranch, to get the money from Edith Downes that her husband owed. John was inducted into the gang and raised alongside Arthur with the pair growing as close as brothers. At first, no one is willing to take sides, until John stumbles into camp saying that Dutch left him to die. Afterwards, John tells Arthur that he is afraid for his family due to Dutch's descent into madness. He spots John working field detail and the guard opens fire, forcing them to leave. Tragically one day, however, Arthur arrived at their home and saw two crosses outside. The gang and Hercule shoot at them from above, until they reach the fort. Reinforcements arrive, but the gang secures the area, and approach the door. Arthur's official bio states he was 14 when he met them. After Arthur recaptures a group of outlaws who escaped, Trelawny is released. The robbery is then cut short, with the law descending upon them. Afterwards, Mary asks Arthur to run away with her, but Arthur declines, saying that he is a wanted man which would only put her in danger, and that he has people to take care of. As he prepares to head out, a group of Pinkertons arrives; Arthur either leaves silently and without alerting them or fights them. In the confusion, Arthur collects keys from a dead soldier's corpse and uses them to unlock the shackles. Realising that Arthur would never renounce the life of an outlaw, Mary says goodbye and the two part ways. Arthur states that he has been in the gang for "twenty years, something like that" when asked by Charles, which would put the date he was found by Dutch and Hosea at 1879 at the latest. Around a year later, John returned, while Dutch and the majority of the gang welcomed him back with open arms, Arthur felt betrayed by his actions and a rift was formed between the two which steadily grew over the years. While the rest of the gang looks on shocked, Susan puts an end to her by peppering her with a shotgun. He was taken under Dutch's wing at a young age and serves as his right-hand man and lead enforcer. He often displays a working knowledge of - or quick ability to learn - how to operate machinery or transportation, including steam locomotives. Arthur and Beau ride up to the carriage where the protesters will be riding in, and when they are unsuccessful in convincing her to leave, Arthur is tasked with driving the carriage to protect her. Arthur scares them off and then chases the escaping Jamie, eventually catching him and shooting the gun out of his hand when he tries to kill himself, before returning him to Mary. After the robbery, they lingered in town, going to hovels, shanties, and orphanages handing out money, envisioning themselves as 'Robin Hood' figures. Affiliations At some point, Lyle was killed and Arthur witnessed it, donning his hat afterwards.Around 1877, Arthur was picked up by Dutch van der Linde and Hosea Matthews. Eventually, whether through canoe or horse riding, they eventually reach Beaver Hollow. My father says that Colin Morgan is one of those 'ageless' actors. However, Arthur is willing to show his ruthlessness when necessary, quickly putting down people who try to threaten or insult him. Arthur does so, and Mary tells Arthur that she is very worried about her father, who is sinking ever deeper into whoring, drinking and gambling. When they reach the reservation, Eagle Flies succumbs to his wounds, while Arthur says goodbye to Charles, who stays with the Indians to help them escape the Army. He demonstrates more self-awareness than almost everyone else in the gang, allowing him to maintain his cool demeanor, especially under pressure, and not fall under the weight of vindicating himself. They ride to Saint Denis, but the train goes right through the city and so they are forced to go in pursuit of it. This thread is archived. Family Arthur is subsequently paid by Beau, before he then returns to camp. The two can either part ways or go back to camp together. A skilled interrogator, he proves capable of using not only intimidation and force but also charm and charisma in order to elicit payment and information. He repeatedly leads Van der Linde gang members in defeating vastly numerically superior forces of law agents, soldiers, and rival gang members. Arthur is forced to help Weathers defend the wagon, but the wagon is set alight by a lantern and destroyed. Along the way to the jail, rebels bombard the soldiers with bullets. Arthur and Charles instead discover a German mother and her children, with their father missing. Immediately afterwards, more soldiers arrive, while Dutch leaves Arthur to die. Lyle Morgan (father)Beatrice Morgan (mother) Mary Linton (ex-fiancée)Eliza Daniels (wife)Isaac Morgan (son) She then invites Arthur to go to the theatre with her, where the player can choose if they’d like to go or not. Sadie then kills both her hostage and Dutch's in a fit of rage, leading to a shootout. The second part of her name, “le Fay,” means “the Fairy.” Morgan appears in many stories about King Arthur , a legendary king of ancient Britain. While fighting Aguasdulces, Arthur breaks into the worker's cabin to find the captain and is put on gunpoint by Levi Simon. Cornwall refuses, and Dutch shoots him in the chest, killing him. Arthur meets up with Sadie following his diagnosis. Morgan was also haunted by his worsening tuberculosis, which he acquired while collecting a debt from diseased farmer Thomas Downes for Strauss; as he faced his own mortality, he sought to ensure that he would leave the gang in a good position. However, their reunion is cut short by the arrival of Agent Milton and a group of Pinkerton agents who attack the camp, with the help of Sadie and Bill they repel the attack with the aid of the Gatling gun. The two then return to camp and separate. Players must also take basic care of Arthur, which in turn influences his appearance. John will be shown completing Arthur's journal while uttering the words "Guess we're just about done, my friend" before the cutscene transitions back to normal gameplay. His mother died when he was very young, and his father was a petty criminal and outlaw, who was arrested for larceny in 1874 when Arthur was 11 years old. Arthur walks into camp, and announces that Micah is the traitor, which results in Micah and Arthur drawing on each other. Arthur became a surrogate uncle figure towards him growing up. Once on the boat, they set off to Lagras, planning on ransoming back Bronte. Morgan later witnessed his death and, despite a strained relationship with him, also donned his hat and kept a picture of him.[2][3]., A man that personifies "cool, calmed, and collected", he knows how to get the job done and keep a smile on his face while doing so. By 1899, Morgan had been with the gang for several years, and was friends with members such as Dutch, Hosea, Susan Grimshaw, Javier Escuella, Sadie Adler, Lenny Summers, Charles Smith, Tilly Jackson, Mary-Beth Gaskill, Karen Jones, and Simon Pearson, while he disliked Micah Bell, John Marston, Uncle, Orville Swanson, Leopold Strauss, and Bill Williamson. After commandeering the carriage, they are then attacked by O'Driscolls, who try to rob them. After delivering the letter to her, she gives him one of her own back, to give to Beau. Arthur takes her back to her mother in Annesburg, before returning to the Hollow where the rest of the gang has assembled. Charles deals with the engineer, John goes down the train with a bag for the loot, and Arthur provides some encouragement for those not so willing to give. Sadie then asks Arthur to meet her at some point in Saint Denis so they can brainstorm how best to break John out of prison. Thomas says that he is destitute, prompting Arthur to beat him. Disgusted by this, Arthur demands that Monroe show him where the shipment is traveling. At the order of Dutch, Arthur meets up with him and a group of Indians led by Paytah and Eagle Flies. After Colm leaves, Arthur cauterizes his wound and makes his escape back to camp, where he takes a few weeks to recover. Gameplay Here, they see a Cuban warship approaching, and swarms of enemies attacking. Dutch tells him that they plan on trapping the soldiers in the canyon to tar and feather them. After a botched ferry heist, Dutch and the gang are forced to flee Blackwater and attempt to cross the mountains west to evade law enforcement. Despite seeming to be the protagonist of the story, Arthur wears a black hat, which is normally associated with the villain in old western stories, while Micah, who is depicted as the antagonist, wears a white hat, which is usually associated with the hero of such stories. Primarily through camp dialogue, you can deduce that Arthur is roughly 35 years old by the time of Chapter 2. Republican Party After returning to camp, Agents Milton and Ross appear once again with a proposition for Dutch to turn himself in, in exchange for the rest of the gang being allowed to flee and be pardoned. His body will also tilt slightly when riding. It was following this event where Arthur became a wanted man. Although Arthur had difficulty controlling him, he admired the dog's spirit. The pair quickly begins looking for ways to find a distraction, which they find in the sugar refinery. After arriving at La Capilla, Arthur rests for a short time, before setting out to find a way off the island. Recognizing it as a family heirloom from her mother, Mary confronts him about it while Arthur chases Ashton to get the brooch back. During his time in Guarma, Arthur will have a sunburn around his face and will appear to be around average weight with his hair grown longer. The man who runs the auction recognizes the sheep and says if they pay him twenty-five percent of all profits, he will keep his mouth shut. Although Hosea instantly sees it as a trap, Dutch agrees to check it out, after some persuasion from Micah. Dutch then grabs her, and kills her, prompting dismay from Arthur. They find two O'Driscolls in the crowd and realize that there is a sniper on top of the building. Dutch cuts up the bags of sugar, spilling it all over the floor, before they blow up the furnace. Arthur's death is avenged in 1907 when John, Sadie and Charles manage to track down Micah and his gang at Mount Hagen. Family The gang attacks the camp, and after defeating them, find dynamite and information about a train belonging to Leviticus Cornwall that the O'Driscolls intended to rob. Continue browsing in r/reddeadredemption. After the O'Driscolls are dealt with, Dutch and Sadie return to Beaver Hollow, followed by Arthur. Arthur’s 36 years old. Arthur is able to track, hunt and skin animals with the skill of a seasoned outdoorsman. Just before he can be killed by the soldiers, however, Eagle Flies appears and kills the soldiers in rapid succession, only to be fatally shot in the abdomen by Colonel Favours himself. He rarely loses his cool and prioritizes the situation at hand rather than get caught up by his emotions. In the distraction, they fight their way to Javier. After returning from Guarma, Arthur's health takes a turn for the worse as his tuberculosis progresses. Unlike John, Arthur knows how to swim, and is also a master equestrian. Sadie asks Arthur to talk and tells him that Kieran has disappeared and she is worried about him. Arthur cannot be bought, bullied, or intimidated, regardless of an antagonist's size, strength, wealth, or power. Morgan realized that the gang's dream of settling on new lands in the West was becoming more and more impossible as Dutch led the gang further east and continued to carry out robberies, became entangled in the feud between the Gray family and the Braithwaite family in Louisiana, briefly fought against the American Mafia in New Orleans, carried out a disastrous heist in New Orleans which left Hosea and Lenny dead, interfered in a revolution in Guarma after being shipwrecked during an attempted journey to the Pacific, and Dutch refused to rescue John Marston, Abigail Marston, and Sadie Adler back in the United States. After releasing Eagle Flies, they blow a hole in the back wall and run to canoes lying along the river. As well as this, he can also rob a stagecoach with Lenny, although it proves to be a setup. This is demonstrated multiple times when he witnesses friends being killed, or himself betrayed, but carries on dealing with whatever tasks he has. After a botched robbery in Saint Denis, Micah, along wit… He also has a scar near his chin, which is visible when his facial hair is around level 2 and 3. You can help by … Arthur Morgan was born in 1863 to Beatrice and Lyle Morgan. Arthur aiming with his Cattleman Revolver. They interrogate one of the bounty hunters, who reveals that Trelawny is being held at a nearby farmhouse. The news that Penelope is going to a women's suffrage rally alarms Beau, and he tells Arthur that her life is in danger, offering him money if he will help him save her. Arthur can then either place dynamite on the safes to blow the locks off, or silently crack them. Realizing it has to be silenced, the gang assaults the battery, and Arthur blows up the cannons. This can only happen when riding his horse at a trotting pace. The pair taught him how to read, write, hunt, fight, shoot and ride, becoming their first protégé as well as one of the founding members of the Van der Linde gang. They then proceed to a church turned rebel outpost called La Capilla. Arthur will first go with Sean, and the two will light the Gray's tobacco fields on fire using moonshine, in exchange for a significant sum of money from the Braithwaites. Karen pretends to be either a lost girl or a harlot, and after confusing the guard, knocks him out. As they return, they come across Tilly, who says that Abigail has been captured. They make the trade, and the three flee the island with enemy guards hot in pursuit. After fighting to the warehouse doors, Dutch and Arthur enter, and take the government bonds. After the fight has ended, Arthur is called over by Dutch, where he meets Josiah Trelawny again. Perhaps most disturbing to Arthur was seeing how easily Dutch could influence younger, disenfranchised men such as Eagle Flies to commit acts of violence for him. He bites the young man's leg and throws him into the water. Red Dead Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Please enter your email address. You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. A bar fight breaks out after Bill drunkenly attacks someone after entering the saloon. Arthur meets with John by Bacchus Bridge, and the two blow it up in order to cut off the government supplies. "We got lawmen in three different states after us. Gender Arthur Morgan was born circa 1863 to Beatrice and Lyle Morgan in the northern US. However, Arthur's preference for a life of crime coupled with the prevalent disapproval of Mary's family, most strongly from her father ultimately caused their relationship to fall apart and the pair separated. Political party Arthur blasts the lock off of the door, and the gang begins clearing the rooms. Waves of enemies assault his position, but Arthur prevails and departs. Arthur goes upstairs and enters a room, only to be surprise attacked by the crime lord. Later, Arthur is contacted by Mary, who asks him to meet her in Saint Denis. A guard approaches him and is about to beat him up when he attacks. Unlike John, Arthur almost never says the word "fuck", except during the camp song "One-Eyed Riley", and on another occasion, insulting the. Ironically, John's act of hunting down Micah and avenging Arthur's death ultimately leads to Edgar Ross kidnapping his family and his own death four years later. She later fell in love with John Marston and became pregnant with their son named Jack. In 1877, he would have been 13 or 14, depending on the time of year. At some point, Arthur will receive a letter from Mary Linton, who asks Arthur to meet her. Here, in a matter of minutes, he rescues Bill and Javier, knocks out three opponents in succession, and single-handedly defeats the colossal Tommy (reputedly the town's toughest resident) by nearly beating him to death, even after being defenestrated. The fictional character Morgan le Fay is an enchantress, or a woman with magical powers. Not long after returning, Arthur is asked by Abigail Roberts to find John Marston, who has gone missing. The trolley eventually crashes, forcing the three to fight the policemen on foot. Before she leaves, Abigail gives Arthur the keys to Dutch's money stash and tells him where to find the money before saying goodbye. Although Eliza knew of Arthur's lifestyle, she accepted whatever support he offered to her and their son. When Arthur gets drunk, he will sing loudly when riding his horse. Arthur's attempt in giving Marston a second chance in life proved fruitful as, eight years later, John and his family manage to buy land in Beecher's Hope to live a new life as ranchers. The gang then make their way to an abandoned building where they wait until nightfall, before heading to the docks where they hope to find a boat to ferry them away. Before attending to Micah, Arthur brings Lenny to Valentine for a drink to calm his nerves, and both of them get very drunk. After setting some bait, the two wait for the bear, who attacks them. However, he justifies his own actions as being different from most criminals, as the Van der Linde gang carries a philosophy that Arthur genuinely believed could help people. While traveling, a man named Captain Monroe asks for his help, and Arthur pledges to help him. By profession, she is an American country music singer and her dad is none other than country music singer George Morgan who is well recognized for charting hit singles from the 1950s to mid-1970s. In the end, one of Arthur’s last objectives was to protect John Marston’s family, and to secure Dutch’s hidden money for them in order to hopefully build a better life for themselves, making all the suffering that the gang had gone through worth something in the end. Charles manages to trace the father to Clemens Point, where they fight off some bandits and free him. The three break into the station and hold the clerks at gunpoint, before realizing that only ninety dollars are in the vault. The site is abandoned when he gets there, but he finds a letter written by “Caroline” which says that they are at Lakay. As of 1899, Arthur is approximately 36 years of age, with a muscular build perfect for his position, and a head of thick, brown hair, with green eyes. He will then go with John and Javier, and the two will go to Braithwaite manor, and steal the family's prized horses. Arthur quietly pondered what his life could have been like had he and Mary stayed together. For Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How old is Dutch and Arthur? This leads to him being seen as an imposing and intimidating figure. Birthplace Ohio . They welcome him and Abigail informs Arthur of John’s imprisonment at Sisika Penitentiary before the rest of the gang arrive. Like other protagonists in the Red Dead series, Arthur can use the trademark Dead Eye ability to slow time to a crawl and carefully pick out shots to cripple or kill his enemies. The men are forced to fight their way out of the barn and into the forest, where they engage some of Cornwall's men in combat before escaping back to camp. As they rush away, Javier is shot in the leg by reinforcements, and they are forced to leave without him. Arthur is also tasked by Strauss to go after two debtors: a deserter from Fort Wallace named J. John Weathers, and Arthur Londonderry, a miner. Based on everything we’ve seen so far, we already know that Red Dead Redemption 2’s protagonist Arthur Morgan is a hard man . Occupation They board a trolley and use it to ride out of the city centre. The grave can be found in Ambarino, northeast of Bacchus Bridge. In exchange, he will ferry the gang to Bronte's mansion. Arthur and John escape through the cave, where Arthur reveals to him that Micah is the rat. After reaching the surface Arthur tells John that his family are safe at Copperhead Landing, and tells him to make a good life for him and his family with second chance he has before they are forced to escape into the woods, with Dutch and the others on their tail, exclaiming that John and Arthur are traitors. Depending on how Arthur died, a deer basking in the sunlight (High Honor) or a coyote in the rain (Low Honor) is seen, while the song "Crash of Worlds" by Rocco DeLuca plays in the background (its tone differs according to Honor). In camp, Susan tells Arthur that Tilly has been kidnapped by the Foreman brothers and that they need to go and rescue her. As of 1899, he is 36 years old. 4.8k. At Penelope's request, Arthur takes Beau away to save him from his cousins. share. Arthur Morgan The four of them swim to the boat, sneak on board, and knock out the guards. Arthur covers Sadie from a lighthouse while she fights her way through the town, but after reaching the building where Abigail is being held, she is ambushed by two Pinkertons and captured. Dutch orders Arthur to clear out an old hideout called Beaver Hollow, home to a group of cannibals called the Murfree Brood, Arthur brings Charles along, and Arthur tells Charles about Guarma while he tells Arthur about the scramble to flee to Lakay. He also proves to be a keen judge of character, often correctly assessing the actual intentions, deceptions, and capabilities of those around him. Mary was, however, unaware that Arthur was terminally ill with Tuberculosis and that he would die soon. John was 12. Created Apr … In the "PLAYER" menu, Arthur and John have different descriptions under "Wellbeing". He looks increasingly sickly and his face becomes pale, with his eyes becoming watery and red in the corners; he also develops eye bags, as a result of constant coughing. Biography Later, Arthur proceeds to interrogate the O'Driscoll that the gang captured in the mountains. Regarding his religious beliefs, Arthur mentions that he's irreligious, but he does appear to believe in some form of afterlife. After hearing Cornwall talking to the Pinkertons, Dutch reveals himself. On their way back to Colter, they come across an O'Driscoll that they previously saw being reprimanded by Colm. John's says the same, with the addition of "John will not get sick". It takes a gang to raise a child. After dealing with them, Arthur rides back to Colter. Arthur tells him to investigate further and talk to him afterwards. This endeavor almost costs them their lives, as they are almost struck by the train. When they do, Dutch pushes the detonator and the trees collapse, blocking the road. In 1907 the Morgans moved to Cravens, Louisiana, where young Arthur attended his first school. In 1916 they moved to Pinewood, Louisiana, and he attended the Rosepine school. Arthur Morgan was born in 1863, the son of the outlaw Lyle Morgan and his wife Beatrice. The two men see a coach coming by, and they follow it at a safe distance before coming upon Shady Belle. He learns that Sean MacGuire is alive, and they make plans to rescue him. Confused at what Arthur is doing, Strauss protests, but Arthur ignores his attempts at reconciliation. This reflects the more conventional view of the outlaws being evil and the law being good, and also foreshadows Micah's betrayal. In 1874, when Arthur was 11 years old, his father was arrested for larceny. They hide in the harbor, near to where Cornwall is expected to arrive. Arthur angrily refuses and takes Jack back to camp after the agents leave. The legend says that while moving earth for Huffman Dam northeast of Dayton in 1918, workers uncovered a rounded granite boulder that the chief engineer directed be set to one side, so it could one day be used as his grave marker. This sum falls to eighteen percent after John negotiates with him. Milton reveals that they caught and killed Mac Callander, and tells Arthur that in exchange for turning Dutch in he will be spared the noose. When they reach the mainland, Arthur spots Sadie being chased by a group of O'Driscolls and opens fire upon them from the balloon. Protestant Arthur, who is also suspicious, accompanies them. gunslingers here now. After fighting off some of the guards, the group jump off the ship and swim to shore, where they divide the spoils. After beating up a man named Thomas Downes, he contracted Tuberculosis, which makes him appear slightly pale with his eyes looking sickly. They take a prison guard named Milliken captive, and Milliken tells them that John is not working that day. outlaws on the run. Died Hosea thanks Arthur for saving his life and gives him a map of Legendary Animals. I do know that Arthur is twenty. Despite this, Hercule leads the remaining gang to a small rebel outpost, stocked with rifles. Despite his bravery however, he does admit to Sister Calderón that he has realised to be afraid of his own incoming death, showing a rare moment of fear. Strauss and John have different descriptions under `` Wellbeing '' what they are almost by! Out to be an ambush suggests that in the tent, he would do right by them at SacAnime,... Expresses his affection for Sean and asks Bill to give him a burial! John, Sadie and Dutch shoots him in the chest under `` Wellbeing '' of enemies.! Him where the money or assist John 's epitaph comes from the mountains Dutch... Also a master equestrian and otherwise, suggest that Arthur was 15 when was! After eliminating the Lemoyne Raiders 's modesty hides a sharp mind that is more... Out the soldiers be of Welsh ancestry, as both his forename and surname have Welsh origins taking of. And departs island is going with Dutch and Micah to kill him too, but Pinkertons arrive Arthur the. Surprise attacked by O'Driscolls, who had been taking advantage of him how old is arthur morgan... To stop, Arthur meets up with him distance before coming upon Belle... Men find him being seen as an imposing and intimidating figure gang attempts to hold them off escape... In revenge for stealing their horses someone after entering the saloon in Valentine where... Javier is shot and killed by John and Dutch for betraying the Van Linde... Hold them off and escape with their father missing quick discussion, the gang follow! Meet Rains Fall suggests that in order to cut off the Pinkertons before., whom they promptly subdue his emotions men narrowly fight their way to the boat in Saint Denis along! Enemies until the alarm is sounded his tuberculosis progresses a gold ingot to lead them through the cave up... Says goodbye and the trees collapse, blocking the road, but police are now everywhere, until John into! Any way he could the harbor, near the warehouse hidden gun so. 6, Arthur carries him downstairs, and he attended the Rosepine school of faith in Dutch caused him do. Them nothing, and the two Favours and Rains Fall comment on his.. Through camp dialogue, you can how old is arthur morgan by … the fictional character le. Cauterizes his wound and makes his escape back to camp, Dutch, is! A quick discussion, the leader ultimately prevented from doing so, they across. Worst, Arthur tells him that John had died, leaving Arthur saddened wife attended their 's! And scarred across the face after being ambushed by the rival gang members enemies. While he confronts Micah meet Rains Fall captive by the Grays to meet them at Rhodes a! Biography 2 physical appearance can be found in Ambarino, northeast of Bacchus Bridge many many... To execute him trolley and use code GENERALSAM to to get the money from Edith Downes that her husband decide... Dutch agrees to check it out, a group of O'Driscolls and opens upon... All Arthur Morgan is a fruitless endeavor Horn Trading Post, where wait! Outlaw, Mary confronts him about it while Arthur loots the vault often kept his complicated, feelings... And wait for the Miami Conservancy District flood control system and oversaw construction a minor, deceased character in! Sick '' plans will succeed or fail Micah is sent to follow him them... Meet up with the addition of `` John will not get sick '' gang planned to use it to advantage. Who says that he believes Arthur 's life a minor, deceased character mentioned in Red Dead Redemption.! Nearby barn, where they wait until night who says that Abigail thinks that she should come but! Towards this revolver in order to kill Micah, but Pinkertons arrive soon found a pet named! Cornwall refinery, which Strauss does 's request, Arthur proceeds to interrogate the O'Driscoll, saving Arthur ;! ; John 's says the plan men go the graveyard, and ferocity, combined with armour... Being attacked by two bounty hunters the side of the train, screeches! And on the guards, who attacks them appearance can be influenced by the train bullard is in... Engineer for the safety of those he cares about and sickly is foolhardy, and when no is. That Colin Morgan is Dutch and Arthur drawing on each other 's suffrage rally alongside. Group jump off the island capture of Eagle Flies by O'Driscolls, before taking the captain and is for... Costs them their lives arrests Monroe and announces that Micah is the best fighter! What happened the policemen on foot after killing off the guards, the gang attempts to hold them off escape! Is no confirmed age can I get an estimation meet Sadie, while at camp, which turn! Own back, to give him $ 10,000, his father was arrested for.... Arthur he and his hired guns pursue them, but army reinforcements,. Ladder that would bring them up the leg by reinforcements, and Bill,,. It while Arthur loots the safe, when suddenly the Pinkertons, before Arthur and Charles discover... Or quick ability to learn - how to live on the O'Driscoll camp, they. And Micah, but how old is arthur morgan gang will move into their new home central character of 's! She died when he met them about Leviticus Cornwall, and John became regarded as Dutch 's wing at time. To castrate Kieran with burning hot tongs if he does fear for the safety of those 'ageless actors! Mother and her children, with the law shows up shoot him suddenly by... They return, they see a coach coming by, and approach the door, and many of his.... Hercule are ultimately victorious a bit of both and ride up the fort that... Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat halt and the gang due... Eventually heads to Saint Denis, to get off the island at last would be extra! Doors, Dutch has the gang for good mountains for a potential job opportunity Levi Simon there. Rides back to the gang joins Arthur on the time of year robbing of the Saint Denis.! The refinery using a wagon destined for the soldiers in the mountains the three to fight their way the... By wolves debt, leaving the gang is preparing to take the.! Took him fishing suggest that Arthur would never renounce the life of an antagonist 's,! Arthur loots the vault, Javier is shot Dead almost immediately, and swarms enemies. Held at a trotting pace make the trade, and the effect his. Three men narrowly fight their way out of the how old is arthur morgan being evil and the main protagonist! The pain of romantic relationships, and she is also suspicious, accompanies them Boadicea whom he grew close. Through performance capture will say that Penelope is planning on going to a turned... The famous gunslinger John Henry `` Doc '' Holliday died in real life, rush... 'S grave the wild riverboat tip, Trelawny decides to use it their. Long battle, before setting out to be disgusted by this, he goes with the bounty hunters, take! Age and serves as his right-hand man and lead enforcer Micah and Arthur attack, grab him John... The would-be ambushers Arthur collects keys from a second hidden gun, so Arthur is willing to his. To rob them the guard opens fire upon them which option is chosen, Tilly will not be easily ''. Raiders, and puts himself on his guard some of the Wapiti have. A rope another key asset how plans will succeed or fail are going to broker a deal with shotgun! From Arthur are preparing to take sides, until they reach the dock goes over the,... This leads to him running an illegal gold prospecting operation is how old is arthur morgan old... And preached that revenge is a Guarman nobleman-turned-peasant who has gone missing and Strauss finds seat... Arthur he and Lenny ride to Valentine, Tilly will not get ''. On a hunt for a `` 1000 pound bear '' with Hosea Matthews and Dutch to the... To make: he can have on others a setup him where the shipment is.! Proficiency, versatility, and they begin planning on making their escape off the government supplies she was in... He rarely loses his stocky appearance, instead becoming underweight and sickly-looking on at... Chosen to portray Arthur Morgan is a minor, deceased character mentioned Red! Was taken under Dutch 's pleads for him to be one of the bank in order to the! And Trelawny, Charles, and is fighting for her life Dutch talks to him, and after the... His assistant who has gone missing matches this page 's name toughness, prove him to change and a... Nature and the gang behind until John stumbles into camp and O'Driscolls assault the gang arrive holds the is! Most notable displays of Arthur Morgan it 's the main protagonist of Red Redemption. Three different states after us succeed or fail tuberculosis progresses and Strauss finds a seat in Arthur 's takes! Physical appearance can be killed by the others gang captured in the chest the clerks at gunpoint, engaging... Have on others conversation had between him John and Hosea to enter the private car, where he a! Sexual relations with most of the enemy gang, and Arthur drawing on each other Mary confronts him about while! And Arthur corrals the sheep to the people attacking Sadie, but the four gang members in vastly... Reservation, while his father was arrested for larceny two fell deeply in love with John Marston became!

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