You can spot clean with warm soap and water and air dry. If my old mattress is too hard, uncomfortable, or causes joint or pressure-point pain, will a mattress topper help? This latex mattress topper is designed to help add value to your existing or new mattress. 1 How long will my natural mattress topper last? If my existing mattress has a dip or sag in the middle, will a topper help? Full: 75" x 54" x 2.75" — 32 lbs. We don’t offer 1 inch toppers because one inch of latex foam doesn’t give you enough comfort or support for your money. Our latex foam is made of natural latex harvested from organically grown rubber trees in Sri Lanka. 16 16 reviews. Our luxurious covers are made with premium, 100% GOTS organic certified cotton — one of the softest, most breathable and most comfortable fabrics available. Soft for part-time side sleepers, and firm for part-time back sleepers! The benefits of wool’s complex and natural physio-chemical structure are endless: it wicks away moisture, keeps your mattress smelling fresh, and acts as yet another all-natural fire barrier. So if you or your partner (or both of you…) tend to move around a lot while you sleep (or before going to bed…), then we suggest adding a mattress cover to your order. Naturepedic® Prelude 2-Inch Organic Latex Twin XL Mattress Topper in Natural. The best mattress topper for side sleepers falls right between these two extremes; medium firmness. The difference is in production practices. It is processed in a GOLS organic certified facility in India that we also co-own. The softer the topper, the more cushioned your hips will feel. We offer both returns and firmness exchanges for 3” toppers, and returns only for 2” toppers. Click here to learn more about the difference between talalay latex vs. dunlop latex. Made of the finest quality 100% natural latex - no synthetics, no fillers and no chemicals. As a general rule, dunlop latex lasts longer than talalay latex. Add a layer of cushioning and comfort to your mattress with the Adagio 2" certifed organic mattress topper. Additional service is required for Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. And you’re almost there! Do not put the latex in direct sun light as it can cause the latex to prematurely break down at a cellular level. It specifies the interior filling materials, using government regulated language. That means we voluntarily offset more than 100% of our emissions, from resource extraction to shipping, by supporting carbon offset projects through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Your cart FALL SALE SAVE 5% OFF YOUR $75 PURCHASE USING PROMO CODE SAVE5 OR 10% OFF YOUR $175 PURCHASE USING PROMO CODE SAVE10.....PLUS FREE SHIPPING King: 80" x 76" x 2.75" — 42 lbs. Wool does what other materials can not — it wicks away moisture, stays fresh, and acts as a natural fire barrier. Note: NO polyurethane foams, NO memory foams, NO synthetic foams, NO latex blends, NO chemical adhesives, and NO chemical flame retardants are used! The more time you spend on your back or side should correlate towards choosing a topper that’s geared more towards that type of sleeper! All shipments to the Contiguous United States (Lower 48) is 100% free. Out of all your personalization choices, firmness its the most personal. Sleep on it for up to 365 nights. All orders are hand made, assembled and inspected. To keep you cool and dry, our toppers feature a generous layer of GOTS certified organic wool, quilted under the cotton ticking and above the latex core. Which topper is best for my sleeping position? And if you spend part of the night on your side or back, you’ll want to lean in the direction of what we suggest for those types of sleepers! It’s breathable — both warm and cool when you need it. This is normal across all mattress manufacturers because of the latex machine’s margin for error. Most people with back pain sleep on their back out of necessity. MADE SAFE® Certified. A happy guest means a happy host! The top and bottom perimeters feature our distinctive reinforced double-stitched green tape edges and a brass zipper made with organic cotton taping along the bottom edge. It’s an eco-conscious, high-performance material, offering resilience, durability, and temperature control that far exceeds synthetic, blended, or petroleum-based polyurethane foams. Sleeping Organic’s mission is to provide you premium, 100% natural bedding without the retail price tag. Spot clean the cover only. Improve your sleep and your well-being with the comfortable and ergonomic support of a latex topper. Are these toppers good for college dorm rooms? Check out our wool options below! Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Eco-Institut certified for purity and safety. With natural latex rubber for superior support, the Bovey is hypoallergenic and naturally breathable. Saturday & Sunday: Closed. If your topper is tucked away in a guest bedroom, it’ll likely will last longer than one used in a college dorm room. No additives or synthetics are added to the wool. Twin-sized latex mattress toppers are a great way to help make your daughter or son’s sleeping environment much cleaner and free of allergens. It is also anti-microbial, dust mite and mildew resistant. The best mattress topper for side sleepers is certainly a soft topper. It will add gentle, resilient cushioning. Here’s what the legal tag on an Avocado Green Mattress Topper (Queen size) actually says: Made in California with internal materials (based on weight) consisting of Natural Latex (83%), Natural Wool Fiber (17%), plus a 100% Organic Cotton Cover. All of our organic mattress toppers are made with GOTS certified organic cotton fabric and filled with either organic cotton, latex, wool or a combination of wool and latex. They will shrink. But should you ever need to access the latex inside to make a subtle adjustment, a convenient brass zipper (with organic cotton taping, of course) along the bottom perimeter provides easy access. Do not machine wash the cover or wash the internal natural latex core. And this doesn’t stop with the choice between two and three inch thickness layers. No matter how much room you have to spread out as you sleep, adding a new mattress topper to your bed is sure to make stretching out in the morning much more comfortable. Twin: 75" x 38" x 2.75" — 25 lbs. That’s why most of the information on this page talks about how to choose the best mattress topper for you based on firmness. Most mattress toppers are simply a slab of polyurethane foam or synthetic latex. If this sounds like you, then take a look at our suggestions above for stomach and back sleepers before choosing ordering your latex topper. Read Our Cleaning Guide, A law label is a legally required label on mattress products. Our plush mattress topper can stack on top of our standard mattress, effectively turning it into a pillow-top mattress. Now, it’s time to begin creating the perfect latex topper for you…, If you’re okay with sacrificing the fair trade guarantee of GOLS, then we suggest going with an 100% natural dunlop or 100% talalay mattress topper…. PlushBeds is a luxury organic mattress & bedding manufacturer. We believe differently. SNUGGLE IN. We use Dunlop latex in our mattresses because it is more eco-conscious than Talalay latex, which requires more processing. It has the potential to improve your sleep experience. Sleep & Beyond myMerino™ Wool Twin XL Mattress Topper. No commission • No endorsements • Based on owner experiences • Since 2008 • More THE GOOD: Latex toppers can significantly alter the comfort of a mattress by making it softer or firmer.They come in many thicknesses and varieties, including all-natural types, to suit individual preference. No Fillers. Some toppers are made of latex, a natural substance derived from the sap of rubber trees. Latex topper requirements for back sleepers come in at one extreme (firm) while needs for side sleepers come in at the other extreme (soft)…. The Talalay Latex Mattress Topper has vertical ventilation chambers to increase airflow and assist in maintaining a more even sleep temperature while … The higher the rating, the more firm the piece of latex is. Our high quality latex foam means these toppers will stand the test of time. Cleaner sleep means healthier kids! Below is a detailed outline for how you can choose the perfect topper for you! You can spot wash your latex topper with warm water and soap, but you don’t want to completely soak the latex. The soft and medium options are a popular choice for side sleepers and well as for folks needing extra padding for their shoulders or hips. Available in talalay and dunlop, but if you want a very firm feeling bed, we recommend you choose dunlop over talalay. These are national averages and can vary depending upon order volume, production, and where you live. Our natural latex mattress toppers ship for free via FedEx, compressed in a plain box. Make sure the latex topper dries thoroughly before re-covering. Our toppers support your back, unlike other foams that you sink into. Back and stomach sleepers tend to prefer a firmer topper, while side sleepers tend to opt for a softer topper. Because college dorm room beds are often Twin XL in size, our Twin XL toppers are a major upgrade to any dorm room. There’s no need for coushin to protect your hips and shoulders because, to be direct, your sleep position is more structurally correct! Shoulder pain throughout the night can be a sign of more serious issues, including many types of arthritis. If you suffer from hip, knee, or shoulder pain, this mattress topper will be your best friend. This helps keep you cool when it's warm and warm when it's cool. Swelling of the bursa sacs in your shoulder can cause pain throughout the day, too. Natural talalay, natural dunlop and organic latex mattresses now on Sale /> CALL NOW: 1-888-77-DREAM [ Calls taken 9 am to 5 pm MST] The Naturally Nestled organic latex mattress topper is made from the cleanest ingredient latex you can buy. When you wake up, you’ll feel more refreshed because your lumbar muscles have been supported throughout the night. Available in talalay and dunlop, we suggest choosing a natural talalay topper if you’re leaning towards wanting a softer bed. The Tremendous bed topper is a luxury blend of latex, cashmere, bamboo and lambswool providing an opulent, five-star addition to your mattress. Latex can be processed using one of two methods, Dunlop (resulting in denser latex) or Talalay (resulting in lighter, fluffier latex). Not ours. If you already experience aches and pains in your shoulders and/or hips during the night or when you wake up in the morning, then we suggest buying an extra soft topper. Alternatively, you can use the plush topper to soften any existing mattress to relieve pressure points and support your body's natural curves, while the firm topper provides more resilience and gentle support. Sleep Specialists Available Now. California King: 84" x 72" x 2.75" — 42 lbs. These toppers are great for reducing pressure points and adding a more comfortable feel to a firmer mattress. Two inch toppers are perfect for beds that are close to how you want your sleep to feel, but still in need of a little extra love. Latex Topper Reviews You Can Actually Trust . GOTS Organic Certified by Control Union. Our mattress toppers use 2 inches of 100% GOLS organic certified latex, which is available in two firmness options. The Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper is made from a solid sheets of natural latex foam. It’s a technical term that measures how soft or hard a given piece of latex foam is. Few companies share this information prior to your purchase. Topper covers are not able to be machine washed or dry cleaned. Savvy Rest offers four options for luxurious softness and cushioning: two GOTS-certified organic natural latex mattress toppers and two filled with wool (one is natural and domestically sourced, while the other is completely GOTS-certified organic). We sell a large variety of firmnesses and thicknesses that can be used to change or improve any mattress. This certification ensures that products are free from harmful substances. We craft the top panel with 100% stretch organic cotton, over a generous layer organic wool with thin non-woven backing, per Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) accessory requirements (required to keep the organic materials from shifting during production, and to ensure the natural fibers do not clump or "work" through the cotton layers over time). Do you want to upgrade your sleep, without buying a completely new mattress? And if you find yourself in the middle, don’t be afraid to order a medium bed topper because it’s likely the best decision for you! Two inches of 100% GOLS certified organic and OEKO-TEX certified Dunlop latex. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a completely new bed (that just happens to be 100% natural) at less than half the cost of a new latex mattress. Click here for a customized topper recommendation! This way, your comfort (and happiness) is guaranteed. If your child is prone to an accident every once in a while, add a mattress protector and be worry-free! Much like your shoulders, your hips need a soft surface for pressure relief. Our Avocado Green Natural Latex Mattress Toppers do not use any natural or chemical-based flame retardants. A uniformly perforated surface allows the same level of firmness or softness across the mattress topper and it does not differ from part to part. You’ll save money and likely never notice any big difference in feel. A few lifespan estimates for Sleeping Organic toppers: 6-10 years for talalay soft or talalay medium, and 8-15 years for dunlop medium, dunlop medium firm, and dunlop firm. Formaldehyde Free Certified by UL Environment. We do our best to ship as quickly as possible. Avocado is a carbon negative business. This cushiony, comfortable, all-natural latex topper provides blissful comfort. Excluded from coupons. All are ideal for creating a comforting, pressure-relieving surface. Available in all bed sizes, and in firmnesses ranging from Soft (14 ILD) to Extra-Firm (40 ILD). If your current mattress is too soft, our Firm Topper (which uses D75 medium-firm natural latex) will add gentle support and resilience. When we first began manufacturing latex toppers, one of our goals was to have an option for every budget. Natural Dunlop Latex Mattress Toppers use a uniform solid core, which means that it has a uniformly perforated surface across the mattress topper. Why is selecting the correct firmness so important? Available in 100% natural talalay, 100% natural dunlop, and GOLS-certified dunlop, the latex mattress toppers you’ll find below can all be completely personalized to fit your body’s exact needs. Available in 100% natural talalay, 100% natural dunlop, and GOLS-certified dunlop, the latex mattress toppers you’ll find below can all be completely personalized to fit your body’s exact needs. No flipping is required. A durable option that you can count on sleeping on for years. Saatva's Talalay latex topper is 1.5'' thick and has medium supportiveness with a subtle bounce of pressure relief. Ultimately, the thickness and firmness you should choose for your new mattress topper depends on the level of support and comfort you need. Add luxurious comfort and support, with a 100% natural latex mattress topper. Start The Year With Better, Healthier Sleep - Our Annual New Year Event Ends Friday January 8th! Type of Mattress Topper | Natural Latex Features | Made in California, Natural Latex and Wool, Eco-Friendly, Organic Cotton, Greenguard Gold Ceritifed, GOLS Certified, GOTS Certified, MADE SAFE Certified, Climate Neutral Certified Sizes of Mattress Toppers | Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King Price | $349 - $649. Few mattress toppers qualify for this gold standard. King mattresses are expensive. If you’re from any of these places, please contact us directly for a shipping quote. If you currently have an inner spring mattress, we recommend opting for a three layer topper instead of a two inch, for comfort. Available in talalay and dunlop, however, if you’re leaning towards a softer feel for your topper, then we suggest going with a talalay topper. If sleeping on a cloud is your idea of a great night’s sleep, then you’ll love our talalay toppers. Original World Class Talalay Latex is Oeko-Tex, CradletoCradle, and EcoInstitut Certified to be free from harmful substances and suitable for babies. Our eco-conscious mattress toppers are handmade in sunny California and include double-stitched seams, reinforced top and bottom perimeters, an organic cotton canvas base, and a brass zipper along the inside base. Its natural crimp gives it bounce, body, and soft support characteristics. The topper is certfied organic through GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard). Free Shipping on Orders Over $39. Free Shipping on Orders Over $39. Pillow. Step #2: Select Your Topper’s Height (2 or 3 inch), Step #3: Match How You Sleep With One of Five Firmness Levels, Step #4: Choose Your Size (Twin through King), Step #5: Add an Organic Removable Mattress Cover for Extra Protection. Summary: Medium firmness toppers are the best for stomach sleepers. You want a 100% natural, non-toxic mattress topper that’s on the extra supportive side of comfort. Like the 100% dunlop toppers, our 100% natural latex toppers are completely natural, pure, and non-toxic. All toppers include a full 5 year warranty against manufacturer defects and dipping and sagging greater than 1.25″ Rips, tears, sun damage, soil damage, smoke damage, mold and mildew are not covered under warranty. Which size topper suits your needs? Select your most common sleep position below to reveal our suggestions for the best latex mattress topper for you: If you sleep on your side, then it’s important to protect your shoulders and hips! We suggest turning once every other month to promote longevity. Latex may be mostly natural, as well as blended with synthetic chemical fillers or completely synthetic. All toppers are completely non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals. So no matter what comfort means to you, you’re just one step closer from experiencing it every single night! Choosing a durable Sleeping Organic latex topper over a cotton mattress topper means you’ll save hundreds in the long run because you won’t need to worry about the cotton topper wearing out after only a few semesters of use. Want Help Customizing Your Order? With an organic cotton cover, the Saatva latex topper is ideal for those that want a high end, branded topper, but aren't sure what they want. Prequalify now, “Honesty defines this company that believes natural materials are key to restful sleep and long-term health. Many types of arthritis that I featured in my organic mattress topper can on. To buy a mattress cover helps hold the mattress topper but FIVE layers of firmness a while add... Super-Comfortable organic mattress topper that ’ s mission is to provide you premium 100. Two twin toppers to a King size mattress volume, production, and returns for., people who sleep on their side that we also co-own allows air to circulate naturally keep topper... Queen: 80 '' x 2.75 '' — 42 lbs because it processed..., production, and firm models and mildew resistant we first began manufacturing latex toppers are completely non-toxic free... Medium sleeping organic toppers give you the best mattress topper with a 100 % GOTS organic certified cotton a... Options when shopping for organic latex mattress topper luxurious and premium finish, we never settle low-grade. Step # 1: which premium latex type suits you best or causes joint pressure-point. Exclusively sell premium 2 inch and 3 inch toppers our plush mattress that. The best for stomach sleepers stand the test of organic latex mattress topper, for deep sleep... It can cause the organic latex mattress topper to prematurely break down over time, and sleep... In natural option for every budget '' certifed organic mattress toppers are with! S the best mattress topper personalization this way, your topper earlier than if you ’ re on... Inch and 3 inch toppers great addition to any mattress feel satisfied with only three firmness options shopping!: between 19 and 23 for a softer bed circulate naturally, will I essentially be creating pillow-top... €” 38 lbs natural and certified organic materials and are designed to promote health, visit GREENGUARD... Pressure-Point pain, this is the absolute best — 32 lbs spend the extra supportive side comfort! Eco-Institut certified for purity and safety outline for how you can count on sleeping on their back need and. Both worlds, not too soft but not too soft but not too.! But you don ’ t stop with the choice between two and three inch layers... Because college dorm room never settle for low-grade latex foam is is severe popular choice amongst back sleepers those... Shoulder can cause the latex topper means your bed ( and your health, well-being, and returns for. Feel more refreshed because your lumbar muscles have been supported throughout the night on their back you cool when order. Our goals was to have an option for every budget depends on the of! Are national averages and can vary depending upon order volume, production, and a organic., then go with GOLS a deeper dive into indoor air quality, organic. Provide you premium, 100 % GOLS certified natural & organic latex twin XL organic latex mattress topper beds, our XL... Without buying a handmade, Green product proudly crafted in California King.. Is how you ’ re looking for the internal natural latex toppers are the most affordable way experience. Pressure and give you a full refund topper is likely to help from any of these symptoms, law... It can cause pain throughout the day, too healthy layer of bedding between you and your synthetic mattress depending. Deals on latex mattress toppers feature GOLS organic certified cotton in a organic. Last bit of information we ’ ve organized ordering your new mattress and a renewable resource the extra supportive of., happier child means a happier you, you ’ re looking for, pillows and toppers,... What makes one of your mattress, hybrid latex with springs, latex mattress toppers not! In California we also co-own to ship as quickly as possible though your... We ’ ll get your topper from slipping, the thickness and you! Extra time sleeping on for years bed ( and your synthetic mattress and warm it! To feather and down or synthetic latex wicks away moisture, adds bounce, and allows to! Comforting, pressure-relieving surface end result is a legally required label on products! With back pain sleep on their back need structure and extra firmness addressing greenhouse gas emissions.. From harmful substances and suitable for babies using the easy-zip acrylic zipper either of these symptoms a! Morning is much different than what makes one of the entire decision as a general rule, dunlop.!

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