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The program awards scholarships to 1,000 students and the applications are received from August 1 through January 15. The Mary Morrow/Edna Richards Scholarship, administered by the North Carolina Association of Educators, is open to applicants who are North Carolina residents enrolled in a teacher-education program and are in their junior year of college at the time of application. Applicants must have a grade point average of 3.0 or above and be enrolled in a college or university in an education related degree program. The amount of the scholarship is $1,000, and the application deadline is January 30. In the case of education, that means health and physical education, as well as early childhood education. "_n(val)":"val")+"});";r=r+" "+xr(t,"$event.target.multiple ? The scholarship value per academic year is $12,500 for Undergraduate students and $11,500 for Graduate students. ","+t.iterator2:"";return t.forProcessed=!0,"_l(("+r+"),function("+i+o+a+"){return "+ma(e,t,n)+"})"}(e,t,n):"{key:"+e+",fn:"+("function("+String(t.slotScope)+"){return "+("template"===t.tag?t.if?"("+t.if+")? Applicants need to already be working as child-care professionals or early childhood educators, and must be accepted into a Childhood Development or Early Childhood Education degree program at an accredited two or four year college in Minnesota. document.location.href=linkoutUrl;},getLinkoutUrl:function(){if(stringUtils.isNullOrEmpty(tags)) To be eligible, applicants need to be currently completing their sophomore year of college, and scheduling for full-time study at a four or five-year college or university. To be eligible for the scholarship, students need to be pursuing MA degrees that will allow them to begin their careers in the JCC Movement. (t(i.staticStyle)&&t(i.style)&&t(o.staticStyle)&&t(o.style))){var a,s,c=r.elm,u=o.staticStyle,l=o.normalizedStyle||o.style||{},f=u||l,p=Vr(r.data.style)||{};r.data.normalizedStyle=n(p.__ob__)?k({},p):p;var d=function(e,t){var n,r={};if(t)for(var i=e;i.componentInstance;)(i=i.componentInstance._vnode)&&i.data&&(n=Ur(i.data))&&k(r,n);(n=Ur(e.data))&&k(r,n);for(var o=e;o=o.parent;)o.data&&(n=Ur(o.data))&&k(r,n);return r}(r,!0);for(s in f)t(d[s])&&qr(c,s,"");for(s in d)(a=d[s])!==f[s]&&qr(c,s,null==a? Each year, the Teach NYC Graduate Scholarship Program provides full-tuition coverage to students earning a master’s degree in the teaching shortage areas of bilingual special education, monolingual/bilingual visually impaired, and bilingual school psychology. Applicants need to plan to pursue a career in teaching or the field of science. Illinois PTA Lillian E. Glover Scholarship Program. Master’s in education programs typically involve one-to-three years of intensive study in contemporary teaching, classroom management, assessment, and leadership strategies. "_n("+i+")":i)+",$$i=_i($$a,$$v);if($$el.checked){$$i<0&&("+xr(t,"$$a.concat([$$v])")+")}else{$$i>-1&&("+xr(t,"$$a.slice(0,$$i).concat($$a.slice($$i+1))")+")}}else{"+xr(t,"$$c")+"}",null,!0)}(e,r,i);else if("input"===o&&"radio"===a)!function(e,t,n){var r=n&&n.number,i=$r(e,"value")||"null";mr(e,"checked","_q("+t+","+(i=r? Description: The Pride Foundation offers over 60 scholarships to support students pursuing post-secondary education, including any graduate school. To be eligible for the program, students need to be enrolled in an accredited grad school approved for federal Title IV funding, and must be studying towards a certificate or license in special education administration. Hardwood Forest Foundation Educator Scholarship Richard D. Miller Scholarship Award Few scholarships are available only for girl students. (Tt.get=r?Lt(t):Mt(n),Tt.set=O):(Tt.get=n.get?r&&!1!==n.cache?Lt(t):Mt(n.get):O,Tt.set=n.set||O),Object.defineProperty(e,t,Tt)}function Lt(e){return function(){var t=this._computedWatchers&&this._computedWatchers[e];if(t)return t.dirty&&t.evaluate(),oe.target&&t.depend(),t.value}}function Mt(e){return function(){return e.call(this,this)}}function Dt(e,t,n,r){return s(n)&&(r=n,n=n.handler),"string"==typeof n&&(n=e[n]),e.$watch(t,n,r)}function Pt(e,t){if(e){for(var n=Object.create(null),r=ne?Reflect.ownKeys(e).filter(function(t){return Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(e,t).enumerable}):Object.keys(e),i=0;i
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