My carpets and hard to shift stains were beautifully cleaned, and I was impressed with the after care suggestions and knowledge and experience held by the team. The dye is available in a range of colours so you can choose a more modern, practical colour, and it … I can’t recommend MCLD highly enough and will use them again. Wear Proper Clothes:– You are likely to spoil your clothes while dyeing the carpet. Thank you Sharyn for giving me the advice that helped me to restore my leather chairs. The cost to recover was very prohibitive so you can imagine my immense pleasure finding out that Sharyn could bring the life back into my sofa for an absolute fraction of the cost of reupholstering. talents to work giving it a leather colour retint in the same identical colour, doing an absolutely amazing job!! Fix bleach stains with permanent carpet dye! Fantastic Company to deal with and GREAT work done by Sharyn and Hayley. Automotive Carpet Dye & Professional Carpet Dye Kits. If just color rejuvenation is needed for faded carpets our liquid carpet dyes are the perfect choices. Although a very clean process, a little dye can get on skirting boards and lower door frames. Sharyn was very professional and is very passionate about her work. Your operator will advise on best drying procedures relating to heaters and windows. Introducing our new Rug Collection. Should I have my carpets dyed before painting? What a kind selfless gesture. Please visit our website at: Visit us today for the widest range of Flooring products. Each dye job is affected by factors such as the method used to apply the dye, the length and density of the carpet’s fibers , the strength of the dye formula and and the intensity of the color. Had my carpets dry cleaned and bleach like spots on my carpet dyed. Dye pens must be blended with other colors for optimum results. We can also colour your carpets to match your decor, saving the inconvenience of installing new carpets. Can’t thank them enough. For very bad stains like bleach stains and coffee stains our aerosol carpet dyes are perfect for covering up those stains. Carpet Dye Sticks to effectively remove carpet stains and spots caused by household items such as bleach. Melbourne Carpet Dyeing & Leather Restorations. Strip Cleaning Buy Popsicle Sticks for craft projects online or in store. And the results are PERMANENT. Wool carpet will not melt. My lovely Natuzzi lounge suite was sadly suffering from various areas of cat scratching. A combination of spot dyeing and full carpet re-coloring can restore upto 80% of all carpets. Carpet Dye Sticks Kits Review Carpet Dye Sticks Instructional You Carpet Dye Lowes Sticks Carpet Dye Pens Americolor Dyes Easy to use, just heat and apply.Check website for color options. We specialise in carpet dyeing and restoration. Shop with confidence. How to use "Carpet Dye Sticks" to get those stains out of your carpet! Cold climates with long pile carpets are the most likely to require assistance in drying. Check out our range of Carpet products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. More Info. Your operator will advise on a simple test involving you attempting to wash out a small test colour sample that will be applied to your carpet. With designs that translate beliefs into space, available now to view and purchase. Exceptional service, and Sharon is a master craftswoman to say the least. Carpets with useable life that are tired, grubby and stained can be revived. Carpet dyeing will save you thousands of dollars versus buying new carpets and restore carpets that have seen “better days.” Melbourne Carpet Dyeing can extend the life of your carpet by covering carpet stains and high-traffic areas and recolouring faded areas. © Copyright 2019   |   Australian Carpet Dyeing | All Rights Reserved, Had very dark carpet and splattered bleach everywhere Rob came out & fixed it all now you can’t tell. Allow the dye to set for 20 minutes. Carpet Dye, Repair And Restoration In Sydney. Melbourne Carpet Dyeing | Carpet & Leather Restoration, Bleach & Chemical Spot Repair Specialists. However they got the stain. This will depend upon the thickness of pile and weather conditions but an average carpet will be left damp directly after it’s restored; approximately as damp as a thorough steam clean. Professional and Friendly. As with any carpet though, your redyed carpet will be affected by bleach cleansers, urine damage and years of exposure to sunlight will fade the colour. ACD technicians use the finest quality pigments and cleaning agents to thoroughly clean your carpets prior to them being re-dyed into more modern or serviceable colours. At Officeworks, you'll enjoy our everyday low prices and free delivery over $55. Happy Customers. The service was exceptional. Instead she referred me to a Wholesale carpet company to have the carpets replaced.Friendly, honest and very helpful, would highly recommend Sharyn's company. She also gave me some tips on what to do if I get stains on my carpet again. ACD technicians use the finest quality pigments and cleaning agents to thoroughly clean your carpets prior to them being re-dyed into more modern or serviceable colours. Most furniture can be replaced immediately through care must be taken in putting certain items on damp carpet. Select...Full Carpet DyeingCarpet Repair & Spot DyeingStrip CleaningPet DamageOther, Home DTA Tools Australia : Tiling, Tools, Accessories and Floor Trims. Sharyn was excellent, the headrest of my couch was faded on one side and Sharyn fixed it perfectly and it looks brand, new again. This is the perfect spot for that indulgent carpet you can sink your feet into – think plush velvet piles and exotic mixes, such as wool with pashmina or silk. Would definitely recommend GV. Cowhide Sofa Table. Fantastic work, I’m extremely happy with the job done on my leather lounge, it looks brand new again. Register to Buy: CGS100.25T. Uncategorized August 3, 2018 Two Birds Home 0. Providing expert residential, commercial carpet spot dyeing, full carpet dyeing, bleach repairs and carpet restoration. Customize or dress up worn out wheels with Dupli-Color. The leather was badly worn and there were some, parts that the colour had completely gone back to raw hide. So be prepared and dress accordingly. I was very impressed. I propose that the following comparison of color in general, that is 60-30-10. All done really quickly and delivered back to my place! At Carpet Court our experience and knowledge of flooring is extensive, so if you’re looking at your next commercial project, we can help you turn it into a reality. Carpet Dyeing is an easy and effective way to restore carpets to a near new condition. FAQs Yes. Full communication and explanation of the job step by step . Wool carpet keeps its look for longer than most other fibres. Now, removing carpet stain and spot is easier than ever! Carpet Court offer the largest selection of carpet in Australia in a range of different styles and types to suit a variety of requirements. Established in Melbourne in 1993, ACD offer the most advanced on-floor carpet restoration service available today – anywhere. Fantastic result. Australia Post … Dyes are guaranteed permanent and colourfast, and freshly-dyed carpet may be walked on immediately. A woman transformed her bedroom carpet for just £1 in less than two hours using a cheap fabric dye. I cannot tell the. This is a common reaction from our clients who have used the Australian Carpet Dyeing (ACD) system. Carpet Dye Sticks Bunnings; Uncategorized. Very impressed with the leather dyeing and customer service. Fantastic work!! It will also require less frequent cleaning. She also gave me a lot of advise where to look and what to get if i am to get a new carpet. Yes. Customize Your Wheels. Colorcraft Carpet Dyeing. Child and pet damage, offices, hotels, schools, even caravans have been restored with the Australian Carpet Dyeing system. Pure wool carpet has always been considered the quality product when it comes to durability. Colorcraft Carpet Dyeing Services Adelaide South Australia. At Australian Carpet Dyeing we are experts at revitalising  your entire carpet and restore it to it’s original colour, or  update your style, and fall in love with your space once again. Carpet dyeing will save you thousands of dollars versus buying new carpets and restore carpets that have seen “better days.” Melbourne Carpet Dyeing can extend the life of your carpet by covering carpet stains and high-traffic areas and recolouring faded areas. Thanks Robert, what a great outcome with my carpets, would recommend ACD. Wool is a natural insu-lator of both warmth and sound. We're more than happy to provide you with a quote after we go through your individual requirements. Which carpet type is the most durable? . Our carpet dye kit works great for auto carpet and even household use. her team came and fixed it right up! No, only wool and nylon and blends of these fibres. Until recently the only solution to all of these issues was to go through the expense and inconvenience of replacing the carpet. Large homes can be completed in one day with the carpet being colourfast same day and able to be walked on immediately and furniture placed back in the same night. I will definitely be coming back to Sharyn when the time comes for my leather and fabric furniture! What You Need to Know About Carpet Dyeing. No wonder there are 5 star reviews from everyone.Will definitely recommend. Put simply the transformation is stunning. Carpet Restoration M.C.D. Would highly recommend Sharyn to anybody thinking of getting their leather reconditioned, I feel like I have a brand new sofa again ❤️❤️Thanks Sharyn, Thankyou for all of your help!I had a large oxidised stain and a small tea stain that just wouldn't budge. Sharyn could have my business, but instead she was focused on guiding me with the best cost effective solution. Testimonials Spot Dyeing Eventually, the appearance of your carpet can be hampered by accidental spills, bleach spots, pet stains, fading from sunlight, chemical exposure from cleaning and even traffic lane wear. They did an outstanding job, fast response, easy booking, quick execution and excellent result. Rob was very helpful and professional with colour choice. Find carpet dye ads. Carpet Call is Australia’s largest independent flooring retailer stocking and installing all of your flooring needs with our huge range of flooring products. We cater to your project needs and will recommend the appropriate floor types and work to your budget. Bleach or urine damage can discolour your carpets as they would with a new carpet. You can save an average of 65% by letting Australian Carpet Dyeing dye your carpets instead of buying a new carpet. As with any carpet though, your redyed carpet will be affected by bleach cleansers, urine damage and years of exposure to sunlight will fade the colour. Ph: 0418 841 458. We have over 70 stores Australia wide completely stocked with all types of flooring including carpet, rugs, timber, laminate, vinyl floors, and much more. home depot carpet dye to provide information in maintaining the balance and blend color carpet in your home because too many colors in the room can create numbness, exhausting, affecting you and your family. Would highly recommend for any dyeing service. She is very knowledgeable and has taught me to minimise issues with any stains i may come by in the future.Thanks again guys! ACD really impressed with restoring my carpet. Lovely passionate ladies with great training to back them up but most of all leather damaged couch repair restored as new on my 2 year old white couch. You should also wear gloves and eyewear to be extra careful. almost completely out. Multi-coloured carpet and patterned carpets may also be fully restored! Saturday – Sunday: Closed Pics of : Carpet Dye Sticks. Our process is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Our Homeowners Kit comes with everything you need; 3 beige colors for beige carpet , a dye remover pen and bleach neutralizer pen. Thanks ladies, Very professional service with great advice on what to use to clean dirty spots on your carpets without destroying your carpet. Sue L. Altona Meadows VIC. �, Amazing service ! Wood Sofa Furniture Designs. very honestly and tell me it may not be worthwhile getting it fixed. Acid-free pastel dye stick and gel ink Easy-to-use and permanent colors Use on most fabrics such as linen, cotton, canvas, and denim Design with both Fabric Fun dye sticks and Gel Roller for more detailed and fun artwork Read more. Wherever you’re working from, make it all yours. Would recommend to anyone :). Carpet look almost brand new again and the old pet stains are more tolerable to live with! Bleach spots create areas of yellow, white or a much lighter version of the original dye on the carpet, which can detract from the beauty of the room. Whether the sun’s rays have left your rug faded and dull, or the years have caused discoloration to your carpets, we are the team to call! As with any carpet though, your redyed carpet will be affected by bleach cleansers, urine damage and years of exposure to sunlight will fade the colour. Explore our collection of fabric dye today! Our carpets look brand new. Recolour old linen, pillows, clothes and more with our fabric dye, clothes dye, and rit dye at Spotlight! Test Carpet Dye:- Even the carpets in top condition may be an outdated color after only a few years. is able to perfectly restore these spots, and we guarantee a perfect colour match, regardless of your carpet colour! Full Room Carpet Dyeing This is a very common problem from household bleach or other chemicals being spilled on the carpet, which results in unsightly faded spots. Rob was great. Her pride in a job well done is obvious, very professional and very friendly service. Really impressed with my “new” leather chairs! Cowhide Sofa Bed. COVID-19 Update to Customers Customers can shop with us in-store or online with our Click & Deliver or Drive & Collect services. Let your wheels do the talking. Professional Service ,Fabulous Refreshing Transformation..ACD puts the "WOW" back into carpet. Very professional to deal with and excellent job done. Thanks GV what a fantastic result with my carpets, would definitely recommend GV that’s for sure, the service was out standing, thanks so much ladies. Sharyn provided exceptional service calmly stepping me through various steps to try and remove a stain from my carpet. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. with presumably a chemical that wasn't suited to the carpet, and was straight up about it not being able to be repaired with dyeing alone. Related Posts. Sharyn was super helpful and honest when it came to my carpet. I. Sharon fixed all of the stains on my nearly new carpet and even left me with some extra dye just in case I needed it. Our track-tested products help protect against brake dust, chemicals, cleaning solvents, heat, and chipping. Technically, bleach does not stain a carpet; instead, it strips the dye out of the carpet fibers, leaving a mark. Yes. Pet Damage If a cinder was dropped on wool carpet, it … Can't recommend her enough and will use her again in the future if needed. Once covid restrictions were lifted Sharyn came to visit to assess my stain and successfully removed a pet urine stain, a carpet burning stain (from baking soda used trying to get another stain out) and also dying the carpet from a pot plant stain. We have been providing carpet dyeing Sydney wide for a number of years and we are the number one go-to carpet dyeing company you can trust. Carpet dye sticks kits review carpet dye sticks instructional carpet dye lowes sticks carpet dye pens americolor dyes. She did not, have to spend the time of the phone educating me and telling me what to say but did it anyway. I had a very unusual requirement on a specific set of motorcycle leathers requiring a colour change Sharyn couldn’t do, enough to help me her being in Melbourne and me in Brisbane she found me somebody local for my conviennce even though she wasn’t getting the job.RegardsRod, I contacted Sheryn on the weekend to enquire about fixing my carpet and dying it to a different color.Sheryn has been. Carpet Dye Sticks. Get a Free no Obligation Quote, Email:, Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Would highly recommend them. This may surprise a lot of people as it’s opposite to carpet replacement. The Australian Carpet Dyeing dyes are guaranteed colourfast for the life of the carpet. I highly recommend them . We love our new “couches” and “chairs”. Previous tenants had bleached nearly the entire house. Looks brand new. Instead of paying for a total carpet replacement, consider full carpet dying. Carpets that have faded from sunlight or chemical exposure may be restored back to their original colour through the expert colour restoration services of M.C.D. Sharyn and. Sharyn went out of her way to help me with some advice regarding a faulty rug with a well known company. Do not expect perfect results with dye pens. Some carpet dying jobs may require both. My lounge suite and ottoman look just like they did when they came out of the Natuzzi showroom 10 years ago. Amazing results could not recommend these lovely ladies more !! Highly recommend her services to everyone. Plastic protection or coasters may need to go under stained woods, MDF, metal objects until dry. Carpet dyeing can be used for carpets that look worn, tired, faded, stained, have had bleach spilled on them, or are too light to be practical. Find great deals on eBay for carpet dye sticks. Sharon put her exceptional. Thank you so very much! Thanks Sharon! difference between the dyed area and the rest of the carpet. For example, 60 percent of the wall should be one color pattern, color carpet and furniture 30 percent. Love how they look. They definitely know what they are doing. Her follow up service has been just as spectacular. If you are not completely satisfied, we will return at no charge to satisfy you. I was really pleased with not only the friendly customer service, but the professionalism - and how the ladies really want to give you the best clean they can. Lovely, professional and very helpful ladies! Carpet Dyeing Learn how to do it yourself If you have a carpet stain bleach in your home or office than carpet dye sticks is the answer. Sandwich the treated area between two clean cloths or paper towels, then press. Sharyn is verry proffesional.She did an excellent job on my interior on my car.Good old fasioned service that you just, dont get anymore.I would recommend her to everyone.10 out 10, I was really happy with results after having my 20 year old lounge restored. CARPET DUAL NAIL GRIPPER TIMBER 1.2M x 25MM 100PCS Currently In Stock. No need to now spend another $9,000, if not more now, on a top quality lounge suite again. These areas may appear as white, orange or yellow spots on your carpet. When in doubt or want of guarantee, call a professional carpet dyer. Carpet Dye Sticks Australia. Providing expert residential, commercial carpet spot dyeing, full carpet dyeing, bleach repairs and carpet restoration. To further set the dye, use a hot steam iron. It will take approximately 24 to 48 hours to dry completely, however it is colourfast straight away and it can be lived on. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. This will be cleaned off using methylated spirits by your Australian Carpet Dyeing operator but it is preferable to paint second. Dye Pens are designed to be a last resort for the bleach spot on your carpet, not a perfect color fix. Polypropylene and acrylic are not “dyeable”. The Australian Carpet Dyeing dyes are guaranteed colourfast for the life of the carpet. I couldn’t be happier with the results my carpet looks brand new again and you could not even tell where the bleach spots were. Air blowers will be left at certain jobs at the operators discretion. She is truely wonderful, even though i have not hired them for a job.Will definitely recommend her expertise. Would definitely recommend Melbourne Carpet and Leather Dyeing. Additional hours upon request. during Covid lockdown. Subscribe Subscribed ... mom if I only had today - Duration: 5 minutes, 2 seconds. To enhance the color and reduce color bleeding, use Rit ColorStay Dye Fixative immediately after dyeing and … highly recommended. Yes, of course. Amazing fast service. How can we help? Follow Instructions of Carpet Dye:-Read the instructions on the dye packet and prepare the carpet dye accordingly. We do not sell single color dye pens through the website. It has a natural “memory” which allows the fibre to return to its original state or bounce back. Our process is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. From a grubby, stained carpet that is an eyesore, to a clean, easier to live with colour that is now a feature of your home or workplace – at a fraction of the cost of new carpet. . It can be cleaned in the same manner as any new carpet. There are many uses for our services but the most common would be properties being renovated or on the market, tenants moving in/out and the carpets are worse for wear and unpresentable. Sharyn gave us lots of tips on how to better maintain the carpet and the follow up on the following day when the carpet was dry was awesome.Highly recommended! Homeowners and business owners alike deserve to know their rugs and carpets look their best at all times. Australian Carpet Dyeing is here to make that happen. Be aware, however, that the higher the pile, the more prone it will be to ‘shadowing’. Very professional and great service would highly recommend, Sharyn came to my apartment today to tint and condition my King sofa. Brand new! Excellent customer service. These ladies deliver the goods! OUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS. I had a very nasty turmeric stain I wasn't expecting a good result. These are generally done on an off-cut or somewhere like a wardrobe, as if it’s “dyeable” these samples will be permanent. The Australian Carpet Dyeing dyes are guaranteed colourfast for the life of the carpet. Your Australian Carpet Dyeing operator can also clean it, richer colours however will be easier to live with and will hide future stains/spills more easily. Completed in one day! Sharyn and her team did an amazing job. How To Treat Carpet Burn On Baby.