nzxt s340 elite Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. gazalfc Beneath the power supply bracket, the power supply dust filter is large enough to provide adequate airflow. Im going to use 4 of the corsairs fans AF120, AF140 & SP120. The top IO panel has been optimized with an HDMI port and additional USB ports for a … I needed to do some PC upgrades and I decided on the purple/white S340 for my girlfriend's existing gaming rig (her old (& fantastic) Fractal Design R5 case went to another build). The 7700k has poor TIM underneath the IHS, that will be the bigger problem with temps imo, the x61/x62 are great coolers though so wise to go with them for a 7700k due to that issue. Hey everyone, As some of you may know I recently put together a build for my parents to replace their aging prebuilt that I had thrown a GTX 650 Ti in. It includes a magnetic cable management puck to conveniently store VR or audio headsets with fast and flexible mounting access. Made a new front panel for my S340 to improve airflow. I don't see the point in buying any more fans than you need. NZXT introducing the S340 Color Edition. Started 20 minutes ago Personally I have x2 140mm intake on the front and x1 on the rear. Of course, as the chassis ships, there is much less airflow through the chassis, and we would advise that when buying the S340, ... PRICING: You can find the NZXT S340 for sale below. Falkentyne If you ever need help with a build, read the following before posting:, make sure to quote a post or tag a member when replying or else they won't get a notification that you replied to them. Posted in Graphics Cards, By Panossa The front solid panel gives it a very nice finish, yet still provides plenty of airflow for the fans. use two high airflow 140mm fans for intake, use only one one fan for exhaust, either rear or top, if you want even more positive airflow (maybe you have a radiator in the front or low speed fans) turn either the top or the rear fans into an intake too and put a magnetic fan filter on it, My sound system costs more than my PC. Haven't bought the fans yet, was just looking at what the best setup is for the case. AMD Wraith Prism cooler versus aftermarket low profile cooler, Games crash randomly on new PC with Ryzen 5600x and RTX 3080, Gigabyte 3060 ti Gaming OC PRO Fan rattle. - Corsair iCue 4000X RGB: Parece que gana un poquito más de toma frontal, cuenta con buen espacio para ventiladores arriba y el cristal tintado me gusta bastante. The led fans are pretty meh. Started 1 hour ago In The Netherlands they starting from 18 euro AF120 and 22 euro AF140, but you recommend replacing the front fans? Started 1 hour ago NZXT S340 Elite Matte White Steel/Tempered Glass ATX Mid Tower Case. The setups that I have seen they where: Do you guys have any other suggestions to get an positive airflow in the NZXT S340? Powered by Invision Community. That's just mental. I already built two S340 elite for Etherium Classic mining and mine run 24/7 and my CPU is still 28C and my GPU's run at 100% 24/7 and dont go over 72C. Skellish Case Temps shouldn't be a problem either way although I personally prefer the H440 I believe that's only a bias opinion and both will work well for you. Just have more fans pulling air in compared to the fans pushing out. Not sure how people are saying the H440 has better airflow. 14/10/2014. I have been looking on the internet for a positive airflow for the NZXT S340 Case. I just a query about the airflow through the case. I'm about to buy S340 Elite OR H440 (depend on the overall outcome of airflow topic) components: CPU:i7-7700K Cooler: Kraken X62 Fans: still not sure but refer to picture. The side panel is a good size, although does mark a little easily so be careful when cleaning. Descubrí la mejor forma de comprar online. I would have thought that front and rear would have resulted in better airflow through the case. 100 Euros? In addition I removed the 3 PCI slot covers that are under my GPU to improve flow around my GPU. BTW, these fans have a 6 year life once and forget them because they dont die. Most of the chassis right now from NZXT are similar to the NZXT S340 which was my favourite cases in 2017 and still holds a great value in PC builder community. Compra NZXT S340 Blanca - Ventana de PC Hardware. Also, I mentioned that moving the stock fans to the front would make sense if you think they're boring looking since you only see the front of the fans through the window for the rear and top fans anyway. I love this case because it's quiet. The NZXT H710 is a slight refresh of the H700 that we reviewed two years ago. Configuration A. Tienda online GAME España - NZXT H510i Elite: Viene a ser el upgrade de lo que tengo ahora y la marca me gusta, aunque creo que vuelve a caer en poco airflow y me quedo sin poder poner el radiador arriba. The problem is a lot of people say something different. If I had to change 2 AF fans for the standard fans that come with the NZXT S340 which 2 fans should I replace? NZXT S340 Elite/H440 Airflow concerns Hi Guys, I'm about the build NZXT PC and I need yours help who owns S340 elite or H440 and could give me feedback on the airflow As my CPU will be i7-7700K and know temperature problems to that CPU it is very important for me to have a good airflow/colling for my PC to keep temperature as low as possible. I'm in the process of putting together a new PC, and I am pretty much set on the NZXT S340 Elite. I'm going to use 4 of the corsairs fans AF120, AF140 & SP120. Por eso se recomienda la S340 para que pagar más, teniendo prácticamente lo mismo. Without an exhaust fan at the top, the localized negative pressure from the rear fan and settling dust would much more easily get inside of the case. Expanding on the S340's renowned durability, the S340 Elite features a tempered glass panel to showcase builds with crisp clarity. Don't populate the top slot, unless your GPU is a blower or water cooled. Front Top: Stock fan Posted in General Discussion, By (remember the radiator fans are restricted airflow as they're pulling from the radiator the case fans vending the heat are not and should have no issue getting the warm air out. 6600k, 4.5 ghz and 1.28V, no problems on a enermax t40 TB. NZXT S340 Airflow and Fan Suggestions. SecondHandTech Posted in Cooling, By Steel chassis and tempered glass construction Cable management optimized for a … *Not the best idea to drag the hot air across the motherboard Picture B: *might be because of narrow front tunnel air can stuck and heat concentrate at the front panel and that will reduce the heat capability of the radiator Picture C: *It is smart to suck out the air from every direction ? #BUILDS. There’s no doubt the S340 is a great case for all types of builders, but the design is four years old and could use a little bit of fine-tuning. Top: AF 120mm, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The S340 is much more open at the front for air. Also I heard the corsair fans are really loud is that true? If that's the case AF120/140 QE's are good. Have you tried looking for twin packs? If you ever need help with a build, read the following before posting:, Faced an exception error like (Blue screen of death). Started 37 minutes ago General advice with fans is to use 140mm's instead of 120mm's when possible. Started 1 hour ago Encontrá Gabinete Nzxt S340 en! The fans working on max speed? Hello everyone, I have been looking on the internet for a positive airflow for the NZXT S340 Case. The side panel is a good size, although does mark a little easily so be careful when cleaning. Same setup in both. G.B.A. C is best option for me. Encontrá Gabinete: Nzxt S340 en! Sur en Thats the point, I know the H440 has better airflow but I prefer S340 because of the top VR ports but I don't know if the cooling can be as good as with the H440 and if so which one? Had both. Cooling. Entrá y conocé nuestras increíbles ofertas y promociones. To be clear, I'm referring to Corsair's ringed fans being good. and two top 140mm fans with the rear 140mm means great overall airflow. #BUILDS. Posted in Displays, Linus Media Group The S340 would be fine with a kraken, the elite i cannot speak for but 2 intake 2 exhaust and you'd be fine. On 30-1-2016 at 0:03 PM, WoodenMarker said: How to get positive airflow for NZXT S340, Samsung 950Pro 512GB // OCZ Vector150 240GB // Seagate 1TB. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I don't have the elite but with 2 intake and 2 exhaust my s340 airflow is perfectly fine. ... Log in sign up. You flipped the the top and rear fan sizes, but yeah. Started 39 minutes ago Hi Guys, I'm about the build NZXT PC and I need yours help who owns S340 elite or H440 and could give me feedback on the airflow. If you use an air cooler, mounted in the front, sucking fresh cold air into the case to keep your cpu cool. Esta torre de tamaño medio extremadamente compacta combina un diseño de chasis que no renuncia a nada con un estilo puro, minimalista y con todo lo que necesitas. Started 18 minutes ago Have tried to find them but that only saves 2 euro but that sucks, but thanks for the help with everything! 220. And the rear and top will vent out the warm air outta the case before the warm air from the radiator is a real concern. Does it mather if I use sp or af as exhaust? The H500/H500i is a brand new addition--no, not that H500--and NZXT has made some tweaks since the first batch. 220. Entrá y conocé nuestras increíbles ofertas y promociones. Forged from strong, cold-rolled steel, the S340 exudes an air of confidence that only the most durable of cases is capable of exhibiting. An option is to just move the stock fans to the front instead of AF140's there since you don't see the rings from the rear. Check out my S340 build log "White Heaven"        The "LIGHTCANON" flashlight build log        Project AntiRoll (prototype)        Custom speaker project, Intel i7 4790k | AMD Vega 64 | ASUS Sabertooth Z97 Mark S | Corsair Vengeance Pro 32GB | NZXT S340 | Seasonic Platinum 760 | modded H100i | Coolermaster SK630 White | Logitech MX Master 2S | 2x Samsung 850 Pro 512GB | WD Red 4TB | Samsung 58" 4k TV | 2x Behringer NEKKST K8 | BIC Acoustech H-100II | Scarlett 2i4 | 2x AT2020, if you want even more positive airflow (maybe you have a radiator in the front or low speed fans) turn either the top or the rear fans into an intake too and put a magnetic fan filte. I have owned both. And so long as you use the top and rear of the S340 as exhaust using the radiator as intake in the front won't be a problem. DerKrieger. Go with 140mm's where possible. The problem is that I'm not familiar with the this cases, could you help me decide the best config and? This particular NZXT case is all about showing off. This extremely compact mid tower combines an uncompromising approach to chassis design with pure, minimalist style and everything you need. El nuevo chasis NZXT S340 pertenece a la familia Source y por tanto ofrece un diseño que combina líneas simples con numerosos detalles para dotarla de todo lo que un usuario busca en un chasis de su gama. Archived. Not sure about pwm versions in comparison but I haven't heard much good nor bad about them and the rest of corsair fans are mediocre at best. According to the specifications it comes with 2 120mm fans, I rear mount and one top mount. Forjada con un robusto acero laminado en frío, la S340 irradia una confianza que solo las cajas más resistentes pueden exhibir. Started 1 hour ago mostly where possible 140. Anyway thanks for the help from who did replay! August 5, 2016, 6:23pm #1. other than that the fans positions are usually pulling air into the front and pushing out the back. Front intake and rear/top exhaust. Tienda online GAME España By Posted in Storage Devices, By Does it possible on S340 Elite ? My concerns: Picture A: *front air tunnel wide enough to pull the necessary air ? Descubrí la mejor forma de comprar online. It’s no secret that the NZXT S340 mid-tower case is popular among builders around the world. Rear: AF 140mm nzxt s340 Selecciona Tus Preferencias de Cookies Utilizamos cookies y herramientas similares para mejorar tu experiencia de compra, prestar nuestros servicios, entender cómo los utilizas para poder mejorarlos, y para mostrarte anuncios. r/NZXT: WE GAMERS. And that's while I'm sweating from the heat! The NZXT S340 – Designed by Razer PC case features an all-steel chassis with Razer signature green triple-headed snake logo on the front panel and the cable management bar. Computer: ~$950, Computer w/ Peripherals: ~$1650, Case: Blue s340 painted black CPU: 4790K OC to 4.5MHz Cooler: Dark Rock 3 GPU: Powercolor R9-290 MOBO: z97 MSI Gaming 5 RAM: Fury HyperX 2x8GB 1866Mhz PSU: Corsair rm750x Storage: 250GB 850 EVO & 1TB WD Black HeadPhones: HD598 SE Speakers: MAckie CR4 SE Keyboard: K70 Cherry-Brown Mouse: G9x Fans: Prolimatech Vortex 140mm. Cajas. Both will be good enough for airflow when finished and fans added. Compra NZXT S340 Blanca - Ventana de PC Hardware. If you want less dust in the system, just fill the front with intakes and the rear + top with exhausts. Sign up for a new account in our community. PCHW: . NZXT supplies the S340 in a rather plain cardboard box, with the sole artwork being a picture of an amazingly clean system built inside the black version of the case. AF120/140 QE's are quiet. There's little point having positive airflow in the S340. And what do you think is better airflow top or airflow in the back? Venting the liquid cooler out the top worked great as well when I was using one. January 6, 2015, Los Angeles, CA – This Fall saw the S340 lead the way for NZXT in the entry-level case category, bringing premium quality and innovative design to the sub $70 space. Front Bottom: Stock fan One glance at PCPartPicker will show you thousands of S340 builds that range from budget-friendly to extremely expensive. Close. So like: Front 2x AF 140mm (intake), Rear AF 140mm(exhaust) and top af 120mm(exhaust)? It should be 10-15 for each fan. Also using the cooler master evo 212. Started 16 minutes ago Because my parents don't think it is a good idea to spend 100 euro for custom fans. NZXT S340 - 62,75€ -> NZXT S340 USB 3.0 Con Ventana Blanca | P... en Pccomponentes En todas los materiales son los mismos y las características casi idénticas (exceptuando algún puerto de USB de más o algún hueco para ventilador). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. July 28, 2015 by Lawrence Lee Product NZXT Source S340 ATX Tower Case Manufacturer NZXT Price US$70 NZXT has cultivated a reputation for producing tower cases with a Today we’re pleased to announce the availability of the S340 in two new stylish colors: Matte Black paneling with either Gloss Blue or Gloss Red accents. Why are you using a SP120 for top exhaust? 360° of steel casing surrounding the all-steel chassis Posted in Troubleshooting, By But I also switched the stock fans in the front with 3 cougar fans (better airflow and quieter.) The compact form of the case sits two inches below competing towers with a Razer green power LED and underglow.