For content creators, sometimes the most stressful part of the role can be opening a completely blank document to start a new project. How would you feel if you knew your content marketing was driving traffic & sales? We feel strongly that planning out content for an entire year doesn’t serve your audience or you. Look at the effectiveness of your content in direct relation to your sales and conversion goals. The Content Creators Planner … The idea for the Content Creators Planner was born out of our own need to plan, map, and visually se... See More. Content Creators Planner UPDATE! Schedule your content based on the marketing channel, social platform, and content status (outline, draft, publish, edit). Planner cover and goal tracker. It requires thought, planning, conversions, and measurement. post by Themeisle on Categories and Tags in WordPress. Once this post is published the next checklist we publish will be for podcast posts (for formatting a podcast post you publish on your own website). You can read more on external links on Moz here. Or, perhaps, you aspire to share the things you love to establish yourself as an influencer. Until now. When in doubt, clear is better than clever. It will also help you: Identify and fill gaps in publishing; Remember important dates and events; Find your ideal content mix; Ensure your content is fresh and performing well; Collaborate with teammates and effectively allocate resources → Get the free, customizable … We offer a PDF version you can use with different apps (such as Notability). ©2021 Content Creators Planner™. If you’re not sure how to change the heading tag, go to your WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get) and click the ‘Paragraph’ dropdown to select a different heading tag. Use the weekly statistics to review your week: did all your content get published and shared? File Format. SHOP Content Creators Planner The Content Creators Planner is the one place to define your goals, map out your content strategy in support of those goals, plan and calendar your content, measure what's working, and . The Content Creators Planner was created to simplify your content strategy by creating a 90-day content plan based on goals and conversions. No more spreadsheets or expensive content planning software!”. A content marketing strategy is more than simply scheduling things to be shared through a calendar. Meaning, if you’re new-ish to creating written content, do the best you can with the intention to provide the most value. In this case, the category is ‘written content.’. Click here to check out the Daily Planner PrintablesWeekly and daily pages are important part… Your category is basically the best way you would categorize or group your content. Well done folks ”. Weekly Study Planner; Weekly study calendar is a proven method of tracking the student’s activities and other tasks meant for that week. It’s something that prompts the reader to take a specific action. The goal of the interview is to drive traffic for my guest, so I simply include this at the end of the post or a slide-in). It helps the student to plan when the tasks have to be completed and how much time is available. Each tool is unique for different types of content planning. *NEW size and added features. All of the posts you’ve published so far have been helpful and concise, without a lot of fluff. Planning out all the important elements means your writers can avoid wasting their time creating content that doesn’t resonate with your target audience an… By tracking and measuring your content goals you know where to take your content marketing in the next quarter. There are plenty of options when it comes to social sharing plugins. Create purpose driven content that delivers results. I would love the checklist but it’s not sending to my email – it keeps saying “submitting” even though my information is correct. You can use the same resources for sub-headlines as you have for writing headlines. There are many ready-to-download templates on the internet, however, they usually require signing up or registering, and are more limiting than if … Please try again for me. Use the monthly content calendar to schedule your content campaigns along with all your promotions (paid campaigns, active funnels, and sales goals). Here are three common types of content calendar: Printed calendars. Internal links will link to additional content on your own site that supports the post you’re creating (linking from one piece of content on a domain to another piece of content on the same domain). Another example is the call-to-action I have at the end of the posts on my Kim Doyal site for a free course on content marketing. So as an example, my keyword for this post is “blog post checklist.” My tags are: What you want to remember with tags is that you’re consistent with them. Your goals inform what matters. Physical, digital, and Trello versions of the planner now available here. Once I saw the quality of the planner and the detail I bought a printed one and the MasterClass. Apps. You can then edit your font size easily for formatting without creating heading tags (the plugin is free in the WordPress plugin repository). All. Thanks for the great tips! These have been around for quite a while but we’ve found that sometimes even the most experienced of us forget some of the core fundamentals of a good blog post. Content Creators Planner Quickstart Guide Content marketing is the foundation for your digital marketing strategy. “I'm a florist & used this to map out my social & marketing for Valentine's Day. Spreadsheets. Home; How It Works. I’m working on the next checklist Would love to hear how the planner helps you too. “Took the chance, purchased this, and a 20 yr veteran in the digital marketing space, am happy to say that I was quietly impressed. About See All. 2,299 people like this. Giving your content the best chance of ranking highly in Google, Bing, and other popular search engines means … So make sure you go to your categories editor in WordPress and edit this so you don’t have content that ends up as ‘uncategorized’, which won’t help you. Details. Generate Content Ideas. Page Transparency See More. You might own an established business or be starting a new entrepreneurial venture. Thanks, Kim, for such a comprehensive “how to” checklist for the beginner. The quarterly statistics allows you to measure your sales and content goals for the quarter, against the previous quarter, to analyze growth opportunities and acknowledge wins. This will be ongoing and continually added to our customer member area and through content on the website. In-house content creators; Specialists in video creation, podcasting, or graphic design; Freelancers ; One way to find great freelancers quickly is to return to your Buzzsumo search results, and see who’s written the top content. The idea is to base it on the core content you need to improve your business and then repurpose the content so you get the biggest returns on your efforts. We specifically chose an undated planner so you could start at any time (you don’t need to wait for the next quarter to roll around). Excel and Google Sheets can be cost-effective tools for building marketing calendars. We’re asking people to opt-in with their name and email address to download the printable checklist. For years I have struggled with organizing and goal setting our content for the month and year. Make a content plan schedule. A social media content calendar lets you plan and schedule all your social content in advance for maximum impact. Fortunately, he has very simple formula you can use to figure out the best blog length for your website based on the top 10 posts on your site. That doesn’t mean you can’t write something that is only 600 words, but I wouldn’t count on that as being something the search engines are going to love. As an example, my featured image in this post is “blog post checklist”, but the additional images in the post are named with a keyword that represents the image. There are a couple of ways to edit your alt-tag in WordPress. This PDF file is easy to download and use. For a more detailed explanation, check out this post by Themeisle on Categories and Tags in WordPress. We’ve included thought starter questions as well as plenty of space to reflect, doodle, and map out more content for the upcoming month. The sub-headline is a secondary headline that elaborates and supports your headline. Make sure that you have added a social sharing plugin to your content so your visitors can click a button and share your amazing content with their audiences. You just may want to include it at the end of the post as opposed to in the body of the content (unless it makes sense). It is about connecting to your audience, building engagement and growing your business.In this guide we will walk you through There’s no harm in approaching them to see if they’re willing to contribute to your content team. We predicted sales to be down as they historically are on Friday Vday's. Too many to fit on one page, so to make it easier to browse the printables I have pages dedicated just to daily and weekly pages. You can and should use additional heading tags, such as H2, H3, etc., for relevant keywords to support your H1 tag). Be sure to connect with us and join the community. Set your monthly goals and plan your content with a purpose. As with other kinds of calendars, they take the guesswork out of ordinary online content generation as it allows end-users to efficiently plan out and decide what type of content they need to create and when to post it. Must Have!”, “This planner is ah-MAZING! That’s why I decided to create a planner that we can print out and help us store all our thoughts and tasks. The Content Creators Planner™ was designed with Creators in mind. Once you have your goals, map out your content by deciding what will be cornerstone content, what type of content that will be (written, audio, video), and how you’ll repurpose that into micro-content. The Content Creators Planner is the one tool that has all that I need to plan, set goals, organize and track our success with our online content. The Creative’s Content Planner is a physical planner that introduces you to a new way of managing your social media and content marketing strategy. In the podcast checklist post, we’ll make sure that we link to this article with a relevant keyword (blog post checklist most likely ). I’m just getting started building my travel blog and there’s a lot of good information out there — but it can be overwhelming. Note: If you want to change the size of your font but not make it a heading tag, I recommend installing the TinyMCE Advanced plugin. Is the Content Creators Planner for written content only? External links are linking to authority sites or a quality piece of content that supports what you’re linking to. Provided you implement what you plan out. An image alt-tag is simply what you name your image so the search engines can read it. Have you ordered your planner yet? This is the old-school hardcopy solution. Add to Cart. It makes sense to link back to this article for reference. The second way is to click the image, click the pencil and edit the alt-tag from there. Social Media Content Calendar Template. Get your copy today! Aah… there are plenty of different viewpoints on using a ‘call-t0-action’ in your content, but we’re going to keep this as simple as possible. Remember, the goal of your call-to-action is always to provide value for your reader. The Content Creators Planner was created to simplify your content strategy by creating a 90-day content plan based on goals and conversions. So, as an example, if you look at the above section on internal links I’ve linked to a post on Moz and have used the anchor text ‘internal links’. We’ll be doing a post and checklist for each one and will link to the additional posts as they’re published. If you can afford it, bringing on a dedicated writer or two will provide you with a steady stream of high-quality content. The Content Creators Planner is the ultimate content marketing planner. Download Content Creative Brief Checklist Template. We’ll have complete training on using the planner and best use practices. As an example, on my other site, Kim Doyal, I have a category for my podcast that is simply titled podcast. The Content Planner is for anyone who publishes online. ). 5 tips for kicking the new year off with an amazing content strategy. It’s important to highlight your accomplishments. ©2021 Content Creators Planner™. Whether it's writing a blog post, designing an infographic, or creating an ebook, it's challenging to start creating a new piece of content from scratch, especially if you've never done it before. It has such ease to be able to move things around and to organize my mind. Your headline should be in alignment with your brand (think the voice of the brand. In other words, don’t add a bunch of content to make the piece longer if it doesn’t provide value to the reader and truly support what you’re trying to say. I’m ordering the digital version for now, until I’m ready to launch. $ 17.50 Quantity. WHAT'S INCLUDED IN … This weekly study schedule planner covers everything that has to be done. All Rights Reserved. Having a planned out social & marketing strategy added to this success ❤️ Highly recommend! Yes we do! Content Creators This is the one absolutely indispensable role, because there’s no content marketing without content. However, Tim Brown is clear that it really depends on your website and traffic. You can also download the set of checklists as one PDF, but we thought to put them into individual checklists would be easier so you can print (or upload to a note-taking app such as notability) for easy reference so you don’t miss each of these core elements for specific types of content. This sounds much more technical than it is. PDF. A content calendar can be anything used to plan, schedule, and organize content and other marketing projects. By tracking and measuring your content goals you know where to take your content marketing in the next quarter. Fortunately, this is short and once you get in the habit of these steps they become pretty automatic. Thank you for creating such an excellent product!”, “LOVE THIS PLANNER! At this time we don’t have plans for an actual web app. At this time we don’t have plans for an actual web app. Excel | Word | PDF On-Page SEO Checklist Template. Maybe you’re a creative entrepreneur — a writer, an artist, a musician — wanting to raise your profile and share your work with a wider audience. In case you’re not familiar with some of these terms or how to create a post with these elements, this post should answer those questions for you. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home › Blogging Planner - Great For Bloggers and Content Creators | PDF Printable. No more whipping out blog posts that meet the minimum requirement of 600 words (if you’re using any sort of SEO plugin for WordPress this is usually the minimum recommended length). Description; Thank you so much for getting this blogging planner! Really appreciate the feedback. By Jodi Hersh | December 26, 2020 Is 2021 going to be your year? The key here is to measure what matters. Website content planning can save you money and time when you do it right. It’s way too easy to miss elements of optimizing your content. From your monthly plan, create your weekly content and marketing calendar. (Just the facts, Ma’am.) Skip to content. To everyone who has supported the creation and production of the Content Creators Planner, we thank you! Plan it, post it, profit.® We’re committed to making this the ultimate strategy tool for Content Creators. Coming up with content ideas is a major source of frustration for many … One thing many people overlook is the ‘uncategorized’ tag in their WordPress site. Content Creators Planner is LIVE! The ideal solution whether you’re a writer, podcaster, YouTuber, social media expert or agency owner. thanks! The first and only physical planner designed to help business owners effectively plan their social media and blog content month-to-month. To make it easy to check those out I’ve linked them below. A few things to keep in mind when selecting your social media sharing plugin: These are best-case scenarios. All Templates Business File Formats. Click here to check out the Weekly Planner Printables 2. Download the PRINTABLE Blog Post Checklist here, 55 easy Ways To Write A Headline That Will Reach Your Readers, the best blog length for SEO in 2019 is 1705 words. As an example, my keyword for this post is “Blog Post Checklist.”. I made this originally because I needed to get my blogging in order. Measure the performance of your content each month to track where your traffic and sales are coming from. Another ‘to-do’ or checklist. We’ve created the planner for all types of content: written, audio, video, social, etc. Download Social Pug here in the WordPress repository. You should receive your planner within 7-10 days of placing your order. There are also many tools you can use when it comes to planning your website content. I usually end up with a collection of various tools. Content Creators Planner – Printed By Kim Doyal | January 13, 2019 1 Physical Content Creators Planner The Content Creators Planner is a 90-day planner to help you plan, outline, strategize, schedule and measure your content marketing. These folk will write your blog posts, produce your ebooks, and record your podcast. Quickstart guide; Blog. You can’t delete this category, but you can edit it. Simply click on the image itself and you’ll see the options appear to edit the image: Once you’ve clicked the pencil, you’ll see the editing options: Most people know that the desired word count (or ideal word count for a blog post) has increased. Literally, last night I batched three months of marketing campaigns across SEVEN PLATFORMS in just three hours :)”, “I can’t begin to tell you how much this little calendar has helped me get my focus and confidence back. For a more in-depth explanation and understanding of best internal link building practices read Internal Links on Moz. Community See All. 26 talking about this. I look forward to the next one! My Resolutions page Free printable life planner – pages included.