© Copyright 2011-2018 www.javatpoint.com. var urls={"docurl":encodeURIComponent(document.URL),"referrer":encodeURIComponent(document.referrer)}; The details tag is used to specify some additional details on the web page. if(src&&src.indexOf("?") HTML is short for HyperText Markup Language and is the language of the World Wide Web. var src=ifr.src; The general format for this is: text VSAM objective questions and answers pdf download free.. It uses different tags to make text bold, italicized, underlined. 5. case "exitFullscreen": These interview questions and answers will help you to crack the Web development interview successfully. It is used with element to specify column properties for each } What does CSS stand for? 22) Why are there both numerical and named character entity values? You can also replace characters that are not present on your keyboard by entities. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. 60) Explain five new input types provided by HTML5 for forms? Colorful Style Sheets C. Cascading Style Sheets D. Computer Style Sheets Ans: C 2. When a web browser reads an HTML document, the browser reads it from top to bottom and left to right. There are many type of HTML e.g. } } SVG images and their behaviors are defined in XML text files. Thanks it’s very helpful for me to attend the interview, thank you very much to help me to know HTML, nice quiz and website, i know have done a lot of hard work in making this. It describes the look and formatting of a document written in markup language. var isJotForm=(e.origin.indexOf("jotform") > -1) ? 50) What happens if the number of values in the rows or cols attribute doesn’t add up to 100 percent? 34) What are the limits of the text field size? When you try to open the external CSS file in a browser, the browser cannot open the file, because the file has a different extension. Read the most frequently asked 20 top CSS multiple choice questions and answers PDF for freshers and experienced CSS Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List 1. document.body.appendChild(script); It is a language of World Wide Web. Practice top interview questions and answers. how is it. No. Unordered list - The unordered list displays elements in bulleted format. No, the browser will not be able to identify that it is an HTML document and HTML 5 tags do not function properly.. The type attribute for unordered lists can be set to disc, square, or circle. 06:16:00 / by Interview questions answers pdf / in UML Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF Experienced Freshers / with No comments / Read the most frequently asked 19 top UML multiple choice questions and answers PDF for freshers and experienced. You can choose any or a combination of the following list types: HTML elements communicate to the browser to render text. Tables can be used to position text and images. 8 ) What is the advantage of collapsing white space? src=src.substr(0, src.indexOf("?")) The HTML